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A Night Under the Stars with Susan Miller and Todd English

Susan Miller telling the crowd what to expect for 2012
My photo opp with Todd English!

For lack of a better cliche, I was through the moon over the recent event, Under the Stars I helped produce with the amazing PR Agency, Noise 784 for an evening with world famous astrologist (AstrologyZone founder), Susan Miller, and celebrity chef, Todd English. Considering the event was on the fancier side, I wasn’t leaving anything to chance. So after spending the day getting my hair and makeup done at Angelo David Salon, I dashed to Nicole Miller for the perfect outfit.

Susan Miller, who rarely makes public appearances hosted the zodiac themed evening, complete with specialty cocktails created by the founder of Intoxicated Zodiac mixologist, Gwen Sutherland Kaiser at Todd English’s restaurant, Crossbar. Located within The LimeLight in NYC, it’s modern day medieval charm complimented the enchantment of the evening perfectly. And while the astrologist indulged guests in an hour lecture over what to expect for 2012, the chef was busy in the kitchen preparing a four course meal consisting of small dishes representing the four astrological elements: earth, air, fire and water.

I got to sit with Susan for the dinner!

I was busy tweeting up a storm and selfishly like every person in that room waited for Susan to address my zodiac sign for incite into what I had to expect. She began by announcing the luckiest days of the year — May 12th and 13th. She then asked if there were any Taurus’ in the room. The only person to raise their hand was my date.

She then gloated over his good fortune, especially if his birthday be on those days or right before. It was the May 9th. She seemed pleased and encouraged him to pursue any business opportunities as there has not been a year with this much financial fortune since 1999. My date turned to me and whispered, “Lara, I’ve never made as much money as I did in 1999”. I got chills!

Our Favorite (functional and fashionable) Winter Accessories

In addition to being very functional in staying warm this season, hats, tights, and event socks can be an amazing and easy way to jazz up any outfit or transform a look.

What I’m currently loving… The Carly Boho Clothe Hat by Eugenia Kim ($365), which I spotted on another blogger and had to try for myself! Now I’m in enamored with it and it’s on my wishlist!

Knee socks! I’m all about the fun knee socks look to create anything from a preppy, sporty to downright silly outfit, which is why Sock It to Me Knee Socks ($9) are staples in my wardrobe.

Fun (and classic) tights and pantyhose!

1. Lips Floral Tights ($25)
2. Jukebox Tights in the Twist ($34.99)
3. Free People Feather Tights ($38)
4. Wolfred Secret Bow Pantyhose ($62)
5. L’eggs Profiles Cool Comfort Opaque Tights ($7)
6. Butterfly Tattoo Tights ($23)
7. Skweez Couture tights by Jill Zarin ($20)
8. Opaque Tights in Chartreuse ($15)

3 Days Birthday Extravaganza

A psychic once told me that come my 28th birthday I would have the first of seven great years ahead. As I get another year older… at least I have that.

Generally, my birthday is a one day festivity — I’m not one of those week long birthday people. Although ironically this year it turned into a 3-day affair.

Day 1: October 25th, or as I like to call it ‘happy last day of 27’

Dinner at Catch

My bestfriend couldn’t make it to my birthday since he was traveling, so he and some friends took me to dinner at CATCH. A frequenter told us that the main dishes had nothing on the appetizers so we ordered just about every starter on the menu (3 fold). The Crispy Fish and MRC roll are not to be missed!

Day 2: October 26th — my actual birthday

Serendipity's Frozen Hot Chocolate

For the first time in I don’t know how long I took the day completely off and besides getting my nails done, I spent a quiet day reading. It was kind of the best! Then at night the 8yr old girl in me from her first visit to NYC wanted the frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity’s, so my boyfriend took me. The food has gone down hill and yet still attracts a crowd. The 28yr old in me wasn’t nearly as impressed as the 8yr old version — apparently only one of us got better with age.

Day 2: October 27th — the birthday party

Birthday surprise! My mom
{Skirt: Nicole Miller, Top: Elizabeth and James, Glasses: Express}

This was the big day, I was expecting about 80-100 people which was slightly more stressful then anticipated. Although everything was coming together perfectly; My hair (which I have to thank Bumble and Bumble for, their new Straight line is divine!), the skirt borrowed from Nicole Miller’s showroom (which is incredible!), matched with a black Elizabeth and James halter top; and then to nerd things up a bit, I wore the faux-glasses Express gave me from a partnership we did earlier this year. And I had the festivities at my good friends table tennis club/bar, SPiN New York; which at 13,000 sq. feet is impossible to fill so at the very least worrying about space and fitting all of my guests wasn’t a concern.

Although the problem with parties that large is the ratio of friends trying to buy you drinks to what you can actually handle  boils down to big trouble. Which I got in — somewhere around my 5th jack and ginger I turn around and there is my mother! If I wasn’t so excited, I’d be horrified — she flew up from Boston to surprise me, and surprise me she did! It was perfect.

Then came the 3-day Halloween festivities and I am officially partied out! Good night New York, I love you.

PC at Nicole Miller Spring 2012 RTW Collection

My first Spring 2011 show of the season and definitely one of my favorites as far as totally funky, wearable 60’s athletic wear meets 80’s neon hues and checkers turned ready-to-wear collection goes. Appropriately named Fast Forward/Rewind as it took a fashion forward look on the past, I’m all about this collection! It featured fitted dresses with geometric shapes, flowy tops paired with fitted pants, prints, checkers and bright colors galore. Great black basics were mixed in (and easy to miss) within the psychedelic prints and pay special attention to the shoes! They are divine! The collection was so fun and full of energy that it got me super excited for spring!

Described as the speed of wheels in motion. The momentum of a skateboard shredding through the air. The sooming tempo of an inline track. The velocity of a bicycle racing towards the goal… All I can say is Nicole scored!

And seriously, when am I not wearing Nicole Miller to events? In a world where rarely anything looks like it was made for my body, she’s one of my favorites; so a ticket to her fashion show is always a highlight and score to cover for Pretty Connected. Plus it’s a good chance to preview everything I plan on wearing for the next calendar year;)

It’s clear by soft nude makeup (look created by James Kaliardos for MAC Cosmetics) and straight hair (lead by Kevin Ryan for RSession Tool), all eyes we’re meant for the clothes. And considering they speak

Are You Ready for New York Fashion Week?

I am, I am! Ehhhhhh! The Spring 2012 shows are upon us, and I just got my official press pass to Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week! Joining all the big-wigs of the fashion industry, I’ll be covering the makeup backstage and the fashion shows. IMG has posted the official schedule for Lincoln Center’s Damrosch Park for September 8th-15th, and announced some exciting first timers to the venue including J. Crew (are you as excited as I am?), Honor, Candela,

Nicole Miller Partners with Indego Africa

Nicole Miller and Indego Africa collection. Additional patterns and colors available on NicoleMiller.com

Nicole Miller recently re-partnered with Indego Africa to launch a limited edition line of fair-trade shorts and sarongs ($65). The designer had previously worked with the non-profit (which works with more than 250 artisan women in Rwanda to teach them skills and opportunities to provide for their families) to created a collection of woven and textile bracelets (still available) last fall.

“I am so proud to have had the opportunity to partner with such an inspiring organization that empowers African women and to help  spread the message of Indego Africa. I’ve always loved

White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner

In the words of Seth Meyer’s (mere hours before the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner host would deliver these words in his speech), “its so amazing to be in DC, in all of this history, all these amazing buildings and yet here we are at the Hilton. The red carpet outside was amazing! ‘Who are you wearing’, ‘what does it matter, I’m going into a Hilton'”.

My sentiments almost exactly as I started getting ready for the WHCD pre-dinner reception. As I strapped on my long, black, Nicole Miller gown I needed about ten rounds of confirmation that I wasn’t overdressed. Both the dinner and all of the official pre-receptions were hosted at the Washington Hilton–I missed that on the invite. As you entered the hotel, the entry way is overhauled by photographers and press as you walk through the red carpet. Once you’ve passed the lobby, there are two floors of pre-dinner receptions hosted by various publications.

Dress: Nicole Miller

Amy and I headed to the 2nd floor for the CBS News/The Atlantic/NationalJournal pre-dinner reception. It was hosted in a tent on the terrace and it kind of felt like a wedding reception, except for the part where there are random celebrities walking around. That, and I’m not used to wearing a dress that falls below my knees.

My highlights included meeting Chelsea Handler who is hilarious, and getting silly with Vampire Diaries actors Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev who we’re so fun and seemed to be enjoying the photo-booth feature. And yes, they are very attractive.

Nina Dobrev, Lara Eurdolian (me!)

After the receptions, guests lucky enough to be invited to the official dinner filed downstairs while the rest of us watched from the lounge. It’s kind of amazing listening to Seth Meyers and Obama’s speeches knowing they are only mere floors below. Strangely enough several celebrities kept leaving the dinner to hit up the Bloomberg party –or some party that went through the lounge. The buzz of course being Sean Penn and Scarlett Johansson who power walked by twice, the first time holding hands, and the second with their arms around each other. I’ll it admit I was a little surprised to see the duo, but more so the amount of chatter in the room over it.

After the dinner, the lobby filled up with guests mingling and getting ready for the after parties. I took the opportunity to change and do a little mingling of my own…


Ian Somerhalder, Lara Eurdolian
Chelsea Handler, Lara Eurdolian (obsessed!)
Lara Eurdolian, Jesse Tyler Ferguson
Rosario Dawson, Lara Eurdolian
Steve Buscemi
Anna Paquin

Outfit change, then on to the Washington Life after-party. I mean seriously… this face has after-party written all over it (I lasted less than an hour).

OUTFIT: Top: Elizabeth and James, Jeggings: AE, Shoes: Nicole Miller, Bag: Longchamp

For more pictures from the event, visit the Pretty Connected Facebook page HERE.


White House Correspondents’ Association Weekend

While the world’s been obsessing over Kate’s dress, I’ve been doing a bit of that myself over what to wear to the White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA) parties. That’s right, I’ll be live from DC! I’ve been in LA all week and I’m flying direct to DC today, so I had some advance planning to do when leaving NY.

I think the winning dress is this lovely Nicole Miller number…

What do you think of my Nicole Miller dress?

The invitation…

DC Cupcake Season Finale –Katherine and Ben Get Engaged!

Cupcake Engagement Ring!

This month reality TV series DC Cupcakes premiered the season finale of their 2nd season. The show, which is centered around two sisters, Katherine and Sophie, who traded their corporate jobs to open the cupcake bakery, Georgetown Cupcake.

The finale, labeled “Katherine’s Surprise”, follows Sophie as she attempts to plan and surprise her sister with an engagement party for her and fiancé, Ben. Funny enough, I was there for the party and taping of the episode (random, right?). Although until the finale aired I wasn’t able to talk about it –I signed a waiver.

Enjoying my amazing cupcakes gift box! Dress: Nicole Miller

Ben and I share a very close mutual friend who asked me to be his date to the event. I’m not sure what I was expecting out of a surprise engagement party –maybe a huge crowd and an even larger cake? Frankly I didn’t care. It was filmed in mid-January, back when I was recovering from a partially collapsed lung (and you thought you had a bad week), and needed out of NY. Any excuse to get out of bed, void of take-out and sweats and put on a form fitting dress (ahem Nicole Miller) sounded like a dream.

The party was hosted in a private room at contemporary Asia-French fusion restaurant, OYA. I walked in and was surprised to see it was an intimate gathering of close friends and family of maybe 25 people…and uh, me!

Ben and Katherine walked in and we’re both glowing, as the crowd yelled surprise. I would like to take a moment to appreciate the ginormous cupcake engagement ring Sophie made! It was unreal!

Nicole Miller Fall/Winter 2011 Collection

Nicole Miller Fall 2011 Collection. Photo Credit: Yannis Vlamos / GoRunway.com
Zoolander "Blue Steel" -is it just me?

There’s something so New York about Nicole Miller’s designs, I’m such a fan of her clothes so getting a seat at her Fall 2011 show was very exciting for me. As I mentioned before one of the major trends coming out of New York Fashion Week were predominantly black and gray garments with a pop of color. Although the pieces in Nicole Miller’s collection we’re very unique, this vogue was evident through her use of persimmon red and cerulean blue (think Zoolander “Blue Steel”) in the color palette.

Check out my footage of the finale of the show!

The collection was very avant-garde with fitted silhouettes that had geometric shapes, bold edges and angled curves. With the exception of a few strapless dresses, Miller went with a higher