BOSS Series Interview: Stacy Igel of Boy Meets Girl

stacy igel of boy meets girlInterview of Stacy Igel of Boy Meets Girl. Photo Credit: @SophieElgort

I always try to recall how long I’ve known Stacy but between admiring her work and our run ins at events the line is blurred and all I can answer that with is… a while. She’s a true inspiration and someone who has more job titles than me, and somehow does it all and manages to always have a smile and not a hair out of place. I’m so proud to call her my friend and she’s the only person I know that uses Post-It’s the way I do, in bulk. To say I admire her is an understatement and so excited to have her for this weeks boss series. So here we go…

Tell us about yourself?

I am the Founder & Creative Director of BOY MEETS GIRL®, a young contemporary streetwear brand founded in 2001.  We have also been coined as “the original give-back athleisure brand.” I am a proud mom of son @dylanreidigel. In my sleep I write a lifestyle blog, Behind the Seams™ with Stacy Igel and also co-created and co-host the #MOMSGOTTHIS podcast which was recently featured in Forbes “Podcasts Created by Women You Need to Be Listening To Right Now!” And is up for the 2018 People’s Choice Podcast Awards. Charity and giving back has always been a big focus in everything I do. I have been a chair several years for the Young Survival Coalition ILP Gala: and I am a brand ambassador for the NSCC’s BullyBust campaign. I am also a frequent lecturer & panelist on subjects such as social media, branding & entrepreneurship.

You do it all! How do you time manage? Are there any apps/tools you use to make your life easier?

Every day I am learning. I use my Outlook calendar, I use my BOY MEETS GIRL® notebooks for meeting notes, and I recently bought a BLOOM daily planner that I am mixing into all the above to keep me organized. I use my memopad a lot, as well as EverNote and Google Docs. I also can’t forget about Post-Its! They’re all over my desk.

What advice do you have for new entrepreneurs?

Be prepared to work like you’ve never worked before.

Being a talented designer is not enough. You need to learn how to be an effective marketer, networker, salesperson, service provider, writer, stylist, merchandiser and

5 Things You Might Not Know About ClassPass

classpass getawayI remember when ClassPass started. It was the biggest fitness game changer. Instead of paying per class to try different studios and fitness classes, it was one monthly fee and you could go crazy . As expected everyone and their mother signed up and changes to the program had to be made. The pricing structure changed and so did the perks, many of which I missed the memo on since as of New Years Day I put my membership on hold when I found that I’d be averaging 2-3 trips a month and didn’t think it made sense for me to join any fitness program in NYC. Big Mistake… HUGE! Fast forward to this past weekend when I had the honor of joining ClassPass for their first “ClassPass Getaway” in the Hamptons and not only learned that memberships are valid all over the country and world — but also they are now offering wellness and beauty services. So basically quitting in the new year was a mistake considering everything below they rolled out in 2018. So Here we go, 5 things I didn’t know about ClassPass…ClassPass Hamptons Getaway

  1. You’re membership is global. We just covered that, but that’s huge for travelers! How fun is that you can pick up a class when you’re in LA or Australia alike at no additional charge!
  2. ClassPass Getaways – you need to sign up for the mailing list right now! Let me break this down for you. For 15 credits (which probably equates to $30) and included round trip transportation from NYC to the Hamptons for a day of workout classes and fun. Three classes to be exact: Arms, Abs and Ass class with Heath Anderson, founder of New York Pilates, dance class with Witney Carson from Dancing with the Stars, and a class with the Mile High Run Club. There was also pool for guests to enjoy, massages, braid bar and spa services by Red Door Spa, beverages from Core Water and Pressed Juicery, photobooth by MirMir… and probably the most epic gift bag. You should probably get on the mailing list for the next one, it sells out in seconds.
  3. They now have wellness, spa and hair services. I’m talking cyrotherapy, massages, blowouts and so much more! This is currently in testing in NYC only, but lets rock it out so I can use it globally! You know how much I love me my blow-outs.
  4. ClassPass Live is a newer service which offers at-home workout options. It’s $15/month and they offer a free trial on the site.
  5. ClassPass Go which is a free trainer-let audio workouts, just download the app and choose from 600+ free classes in HIIT, yoga, running and more by world renowned trainers.

Join Me on The Fashion Hero Season 2

the fashion hero lara eurdolian mentor

🚨BIG ANNOUNCEMENT🚨 I’ll be a mentor on Season 2 of The Fashion Hero. If you’ve ever dreamed of being a model and the face of a national campaign, here’s your chance! And with any luck I’ll be fortunate enough to be the one that holds your hand through it.

The Fashion Hero is an international TV series that is changing the face of fashion and celebrating diversity and empowering real people. Anyone from around the world 16+ can register for their chance to be a contestant and be partnered with me. Did I mention we’re filming in Cancun, Mexico? I’ll be a mentor on the show, and

BOSS Series Interview: Vjosa of Duart Beauty

Interview with Vjosa of Duart Beauty, wearing her Duarty Beauty Aliza Lashes above.

I met Vjosa last year at a Becca event. Her warmth, glow and flawless everything (skin, makeup, brows!) instantly had me fan-girling out over her beauty inside and out. So smart and someone who know’s her sh!t, I’ve enjoyed getting to know the veteran makeup artist turned vlogger. So when she launched a signature line of eyelashes — something I still a decade later in this industry struggle to apply, I was all over it! I’m clearly not alone in my lash struggle, something she’s seen with her other clients and what’s so absolutely genius about her lashes is they are split into three pieces so you can use them all over or just the edges and it’s the best compromise lash! For me, a strip is too hard to apply evenly and I don’t have the patience for strips, this is genius!

We sat down with this total rockstar and mega boss to get the 411 on her new venture, Duart Beaty.

First, a little about Vjosa, known as @vjosamua on social media. She is a NY based makeup artist and beauty vlogger. Her love for makeup began at the age of 16 which landed her at MAC Cosmetics two years later.  After working for MAC for 5 years she decided to freelance full time.  She has been doing makeup for 13 years and on July 30, 2018 she launched her own lash line called Duart Beauty. Vjosa has a big following on Instagram which demands her to stay on top of creating beauty content to feed her followers needs. She’s a master at what she does which results in teaching Makeup Master Classes all over the US. This year she’s expanding her reach and will be teaching a couple of makeup classes in Europe as well. Vjosa also has a successful bridal artistry business, and does about 200 weddings a year. Being high in demand she generally books out a year in advance so brides, take a number.

Vjosa modeling the Duart Beauty Dua lashes

2. Give us the 411 on lashes. What are they made from, what sets them apart…

Duart Lashes are made from premium synthetic nylon which replicates the texture of silk. They are cruelty free and can be worn 10-15 times with good care. They are custom cut in 3 pieces for effortless application. Duart Lashes have the glamorous look of strip lashes with the featherweight feel of individual lashes.