3 Days Birthday Extravaganza

A psychic once told me that come my 28th birthday I would have the first of seven great years ahead. As I get another year older… at least I have that.

Generally, my birthday is a one day festivity — I’m not one of those week long birthday people. Although ironically this year it turned into a 3-day affair.

Day 1: October 25th, or as I like to call it ‘happy last day of 27’

Dinner at Catch

My bestfriend couldn’t make it to my birthday since he was traveling, so he and some friends took me to dinner at CATCH. A frequenter told us that the main dishes had nothing on the appetizers so we ordered just about every starter on the menu (3 fold). The Crispy Fish and MRC roll are not to be missed!

Day 2: October 26th — my actual birthday

Serendipity's Frozen Hot Chocolate

For the first time in I don’t know how long I took the day completely off and besides getting my nails done, I spent a quiet day reading. It was kind of the best! Then at night the 8yr old girl in me from her first visit to NYC wanted the frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity’s, so my boyfriend took me. The food has gone down hill and yet still attracts a crowd. The 28yr old in me wasn’t nearly as impressed as the 8yr old version — apparently only one of us got better with age.

Day 2: October 27th — the birthday party

Birthday surprise! My mom
{Skirt: Nicole Miller, Top: Elizabeth and James, Glasses: Express}

This was the big day, I was expecting about 80-100 people which was slightly more stressful then anticipated. Although everything was coming together perfectly; My hair (which I have to thank Bumble and Bumble for, their new Straight line is divine!), the skirt borrowed from Nicole Miller’s showroom (which is incredible!), matched with a black Elizabeth and James halter top; and then to nerd things up a bit, I wore the faux-glasses Express gave me from a partnership we did earlier this year. And I had the festivities at my good friends table tennis club/bar, SPiN New York; which at 13,000 sq. feet is impossible to fill so at the very least worrying about space and fitting all of my guests wasn’t a concern.

Although the problem with parties that large is the ratio of friends trying to buy you drinks to what you can actually handle  boils down to big trouble. Which I got in — somewhere around my 5th jack and ginger I turn around and there is my mother! If I wasn’t so excited, I’d be horrified — she flew up from Boston to surprise me, and surprise me she did! It was perfect.

Then came the 3-day Halloween festivities and I am officially partied out! Good night New York, I love you.