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Unconventional Obsessions: Cat Footwear, Crocs rain flats, Bailey Hat

There are more then a few brands on this list, I never thought would make my site, which is why all the more excited that they have!

For starters Cat footwear, which I always associated with work boots and construction — and with good reason, that is their specialty and they bare all types of advanced technology and safety features to get the job done. And with that I had the mentality of function over fashion, until I spotted their Marin Boots ($210)– love at first site!

{Cat Footwear Marin Boots}

Utilitarian boots are so in right now and these are so well made and flattering, they are one of my it shoes of the season! The attention to detail through the stitching and premium leathers, has made them a great winter staple. They come in 3 colors, Chili (brown), Coffee (two tone dark brown on camel), and Black. I have the Coffee but

PC Featured in Essie + BaubleBar Holiday Gift Set Campaign

I am beyond excited to share some amazing news! Not only are two of my favorite brands, Essie and BaubleBar collaborating, but you may recognize one of the models from the campaign… There are 6 customizable sets in the collection and I’m so honored to have been chosen to style the “Beyond Cozy” set.

Get ready to check some serious people off of your holiday shopping list, not only are the sets affordable, they are customizable! For $50 you can design your own set, which includes a polish shade from Essie’s winter collection + three BaubleBar bracelets of your choice wrapped in a sleek carrying case.

Here’s how it works:

Birthday bliss…

Happy birthday to me!!

It’s been an amazing year and while I’ll take every wish I can get, this birthday was so special that I wanted to take a minute and thank every wonderful person in my life for being their for me. This includes all of you out there that read my site, tweets me, likes my posts on Instagram and Facebook… you make my day regularly!

While today is my big day, I’ve been celebrating all week. On Wednesday night I had my annual birthday party at SPiN New York (thank you Franck, Jonathan and Briana!). Having 13,000 sq feet of space so I can actually see and enjoy all my guests (I like to invite the world to my party) coupled with the great combination and ping pong and booze makes this the greatest venue  — and why I’ve been hosting it there since 2009.

I don’t play often, but I do play ping pong. So if you think 6 inch heels changed any of that… you’re wrong. It was game on all night!

{Blogger (and artist) love! Tiffany of TiffanyPineroStyle, Dina of Eye4Style and Sarah Reynolds of sarahhreynolds.com}

{Game on! Team Pretty Connected vs. Team MARGIELA (aka Tiffany and Corey of KentonMagazine}

{Bring it!}

Tough Mudder Strong! 12 miles, 22 obstacles later…

I had quite the exciting weekend! Yesterday at 1:15pm I became a Tough Mudder! With a start time at 9:40pm, it took my team 3 hours and 35 minutes to do a 12 mile obstacle course that involved jumping into ice cold water, being electric shocked, running a mile in mud, going through fire… and that’s just the beginning.

{Tough Mudder strong! 12 miles and 22 obstacles courses later we became Tough Mudders!}

Want a taste of what it’s like? Check out this video… I literally did everything–minus the carrying of the logs (which wasn’t an offered obstacle in my race) –plus additional obstacles not featured. (Even the guy speaking in the video was there.)

Designed by the British Special Forces, Tough Mudder tests your all around strength, stamina, metal grit, and camaraderie. With the most innovative courses, Tough Mudder is the premier adventure challenge series in the world and with more than 500,000 participants (+ the 22,000 that ran the same day as me — we broke the biggest 1-day record!), they have managed to raise more than $3.7 million for the Wounded Warrior Project.

PC Goes to Warsaw! A View of the Polish Cosmetics Industry

From the moment I stepped back into NYC last week the #1 question I’ve been asked is What we’re you doing in Poland?? Well besides instagraming and tweeting up a storm… (Thanks for noticing); HBA Global invited a handful of bloggers and buyers – I’m talking Felicia from This That Beauty, Danielle from The Style and Beauty Doctor, Heather from Beauty Unbiased, Alice of Miss Alice An, Rachel from Birchbox and me! — to attend the inaugural Polska Cosmetics conference and Beauty Forum Expo to learn more about the beauty industry in Poland.

{Team Poland: Danielle, Rachel, me and Felicia at dinner!}

I’ll be honest, prior to landing in Warsaw my knowledge of their industry was limited to – isn’t that where Inglot is from? Yes, it is! However after spending almost a week in that beautiful city, I learned so much!

For starters… how are these for some fun facts?

  • Helena Rubenstein was the first manufacturer to offer a sun-protecting cream and who popularized mascara and color face powders, was born and set up her first cosmetics company in Cracow, Poland.
  • Max Factor, also born in Poland… His real name, Maksymilian Fakorowicz.
  • The very 1st alcohol based perfume in history, “The Queen of Hungary’s Water” was created in the 14th Century thanks to it’s Polish namesake, Elizabeth, Queen of Hungary.
  • During the economic transformation post 1989, foreign companies such as Avon, Proctor & Gamble, and Colgate Palmolive invested in new factories in Poland.
  • Poland and Lithuania are the only countries in Europe where cosmetology is taught at a university level.
  • Poland is the 6th largest cosmetics producer in Europe.

Considering Poland is located in the center of Europe and is a member of the European Union coupled with their world-class research and development facilities, low employment costs, and high experience and flexibility within the industry opens them up to a world of possibilities (literally). And that hasn’t gone unnoticed.

In a 3 year effort to expose and grow the cosmetic and beauty industry, the European Union and Polish Ministry of Economy have co-financed The Promotion Programme; which will support the

PC featured in Mashable! Pls Vote for our Smart Car Design

For anyone that works in social/digital stratosphere, being featured on Mashable is pretty much the ultimate so I’m so excited that my partnership with Smart car landed me such an incredibly spread in the largest (or at least most relevant) social website!

As most of you know I was one of five bloggers chosen by Smart to create a wrap for their car and then you the public get to vote your favorite for your chance to win a MacBook Pro wrapped in the design in your choice.

Voting is quick and easy! Just visit Here’s how to vote: Visit: https://www.facebook.com/smartusa. ”Like” their Facebook page (click the “Wrap Stars” tab if you’re not automatically directed to the page). And then click “vote for me” under Pretty Connected/Lara Eurdolian (that’s me!).

You can vote every 24 hours — the more times you vote the more chances to win a MacBook Pro! The winner will be selected at random and then be given a choice of which design they’d like.

{My car!}

I was inspirited by kaleidoscopes and how they offer fresh perspective – the reflected light creates really beautiful shapes and patterns. And I love a good vintage inspired palette which is very versatile and unisex. So gentleman… (I didn’t forget about you.). Vote! 

View the whole Mashable article at: http://mashable.com/2012/08/27/smart-wrap-design/

Thank you to everyone that voted for me! I really appreciate it:)

How to do it all… Tips to stay energized throughout the day

Still going strong 5 fashion shows and 2 lounges later…

One of my favorite parts of fashion week (aside from the beautiful clothing and fierce hair/make-up looks) is the reunion I get with my fellow fashion and beauty bloggers as well as the ones I finally get to meet that prior to I’ve only known virtually. And what always gets me is the amount of “you’ve everywhere, how do you do so much” remarks I get; with the most hilarious direct quote being “I get exhausted just looking at your twitter feed.” It’s true, I’m no stranger to covering an insane amount of events in a week or even a day.

So how do I do it and not crash? For starters, I try to…

Stay hydrated – I drink at least 8 cups of water a day, if I’m starting to feel rundown I’m adding vitamin-c packets to my drinks or downing orange juice. If my throat starts to dry out from speaking too much I stock up on honey packets.

Eat well! Going healthy goes a long way (opt for veggies, fruits, grains and protein) and spacing meals and snacks out throughout the day. I also try to eat within an hour of waking up to get my metabolism going (even if it’s only a banana).

When I feel myself crashing I reach for natural almonds (I know they taste like cardboard but a handful goes a long way on your stamina) and fruit smoothies (not frozen yogurt based – those are not good for you).

Get some fresh air! If I’m having trouble focusing I try to take a 5-10 minute break at and go for a walk

Going to burn…

Hi Loves,

I’ll be at Burning Man this week covering all the amazing art and costumes at the epically large 50,000 person event! Even with being in the dessert, sans internet, phone, outlets and technology as a whole there will still be posts going live daily, so check back below this post for new daily updates.

Also as some of you have read, I was one of the 5 bloggers selected from across the country to compete in Smart Car’s Wrap Star challenge! Please vote Pretty Connected for your chance to win a MacBook Pro wrapped in the winning design!

Enter at Facebook.com/SmartUSA — just like the page and hit the vote button next to my name/picture! (you can vote every 24 hours through September 13th!). 

Thank you!

Pls Vote Pretty Connected for smart Expressions: Wrap Stars contest for your chance to win a MacBook Pro

It’s been non-stop excitement this week for this site and todays announcement is so MAJOR and I need your help!

Smart, those incredibly cute, compact cars that are perfectly designed for everyday life (especially for us city-folk) wants to show you just how customizable their mode of transportation is by asking five bloggers from across the country to design a wrap. AND I’M ONE OF THEM!! (still freaking out a little over the excitement). This activation will highlight smart’s unique customization feature and launch the enhanced smart customization program “smart Expressions.”

{Vote Pretty Connected smart for your chance to win a MacBook Pro!}

And we’re competing. Us 5 bloggers are all entered in their smart Expressions: Wrap Stars contest and we need your help!

Currently, our cars (wrapped in our designs) are up on the smart USA Facebook page. You can log on and vote you favorite for your chance to win a MacBook Pro wrapped in the winning design. The winning blogger also gets a computer wrapped in their design so I would really love your support!

Here’s how to vote: Visit: https://www.facebook.com/smartusa. “Like” their Facebook page (click the “Wrap Stars” tab if you’re not automatically directed to the page). And then click “vote for me” under Pretty Connected/Lara Eurdolian (that’s me!). Remember, you can vote daily (or rather every 24 hours since your last vote)!

Voting is now open through September 13th at 5pm ET.

PC named Top 100 Beauty Bloggers to Bedeck and Bedazzle with Gifts by Sparkah!

Every morning it’s always the same routine, half wake up, reach for my iPhone and before even getting out of bed, check my email, twitter, and instagram before starting my day. This morning I woke up to a tweet from Robert Kim, marketing expert, social ninja and author congratulating me on making the list with a link!

When I clicked through, Pretty Connected was listed as Top 100 Beauty Bloggers to Bedeck And Bedazzle With Gifts, Literally by Sparkah. Such a compliment! Sparkah is new media business growth consultancy that develops strategic marketing alliances and exposes business to the top bloggers in their industry.

And there I am!! The bio they used is from my twitter profile from my handle @prettyconnected.

So if you’d like to shower me with gifts and compliments, you have Sparkah’s approval! Although I have to say that’s a slippery slope. Yes, it’s the blogger dream to be showered in beauty products,