Birthday bliss…

Happy birthday to me!!

It’s been an amazing year and while I’ll take every wish I can get, this birthday was so special that I wanted to take a minute and thank every wonderful person in my life for being their for me. This includes all of you out there that read my site, tweets me, likes my posts on Instagram and Facebook… you make my day regularly!

While today is my big day, I’ve been celebrating all week. On Wednesday night I had my annual birthday party at SPiN New York (thank you Franck, Jonathan and Briana!). Having 13,000 sq feet of space so I can actually see and enjoy all my guests (I like to invite the world to my party) coupled with the great combination and ping pong and booze makes this the greatest venue  — and why I’ve been hosting it there since 2009.

I don’t play often, but I do play ping pong. So if you think 6 inch heels changed any of that… you’re wrong. It was game on all night!

{Blogger (and artist) love! Tiffany of TiffanyPineroStyle, Dina of Eye4Style and Sarah Reynolds of}

{Game on! Team Pretty Connected vs. Team MARGIELA (aka Tiffany and Corey of KentonMagazine}

{Bring it!}

{Like my shoes? They are Schutz! Dress See by Chloe — which I’m wearing backwards matched with my mom’s vintage belt. And yes, I’m wearing Spandex under my dress! They hold the ping pong balls and keep me from flashing everyone through my tights}

{This isn’t my birthday present from Jene, but for my birthday she’s letting me pretend it is}

{Big {Thank you to Jessica for my Magnolia Cupcake! And my boyfriend for your last minute dash to Duane Reade for candles — great teamwork!}

{Talk about a perfect gift, my favorite pretzel company Pelzer’s Pretzels made me a custom pretzel in my name!}

Thank you for everyone who came and everyone else who was there in spirit. This is gonna be the best year yet!