Pls Vote Pretty Connected for smart Expressions: Wrap Stars contest for your chance to win a MacBook Pro

It’s been non-stop excitement this week for this site and todays announcement is so MAJOR and I need your help!

Smart, those incredibly cute, compact cars that are perfectly designed for everyday life (especially for us city-folk) wants to show you just how customizable their mode of transportation is by asking five bloggers from across the country to design a wrap. AND I’M ONE OF THEM!! (still freaking out a little over the excitement). This activation will highlight smart’s unique customization feature and launch the enhanced smart customization program “smart Expressions.”

{Vote Pretty Connected smart for your chance to win a MacBook Pro!}

And we’re competing. Us 5 bloggers are all entered in their smart Expressions: Wrap Stars contest and we need your help!

Currently, our cars (wrapped in our designs) are up on the smart USA Facebook page. You can log on and vote you favorite for your chance to win a MacBook Pro wrapped in the winning design. The winning blogger also gets a computer wrapped in their design so I would really love your support!

Here’s how to vote: Visit: “Like” their Facebook page (click the “Wrap Stars” tab if you’re not automatically directed to the page). And then click “vote for me” under Pretty Connected/Lara Eurdolian (that’s me!). Remember, you can vote daily (or rather every 24 hours since your last vote)!

Voting is now open through September 13th at 5pm ET.

Any support or votes is so appreciated! You can also help spread the word via twitter, their handle is @smartcarUSA, mine’s @prettyconnected and the hashtag for the event is #smartWrapStars.

It’s such an honor to have been chosen to participate and if it wasn’t for all of you I wouldn’t have this opportunity. My wrap was inspired by Kaleidoscopes and how they offer fresh perpective and reflect light to create these really beautiful shapes and patterns. I also owe a lot of thanks to my friend, Oketo Burks and the smart car team for helping my vision come to life.

Unequivocally yours,