Promotional Items People Actually Want (As Seen at SXSW)

cool promotional merchandise

If there’s one thing every person has is a promotional item. Whether it’s a pen, reusable bag, or a tee shirt, you see brand logos on everything. Personally, I’m not big on being a walking advertisement and normally pass on taking them — however since being out at SXSW I have to say the tech brands know what’s up! Mixed in with all the usual branded merchandise I past on accepting, I thought I’d give a shout out to all the brands that are doing it right! Take note PR peeps, this is the stuff we actually want!

1. Portable phone chargers – Branded portable phone chargers are the new USB thumb drives. A lot of brands are doing it and I can’t get enough. All my friends want them so on the off chance I just want to use it for the day and unload it later, it won’t go to waste. And when I’m traveling, especially to a festival, my phone is always dying and I never pack enough. High five to Visa and Capital One for hooking it up this trip!

2. Make Your Own Tee – Props to the Samsung Lounge for drawing lines for their branded t-shirts! Using their phone you could download one of your pictures (or use one of their fun graphics), add copy or draw your own picture and have it pressed onto a tank or tee shirt. Their logo is in the bottom and not intrusive so you actually want to wear it!

3. Bluetooth Remote ShutterVisa wins for most original promo gift. This one I’ve actually never seen! It’s a remote control bluetooth that connects to your Android or iOS so you can take your own selfies with a click of a button.

4. Double USB plug – These come in super handy if you need to charge multiple devices and especially travel in groups. I normally bring my own but forgot it this trip so thank you State Farm for hooking it up.

5. A Gift Card – At the New York Times Magazine Party, the publication gave out a 4-week All Digital Access card which was a nice touch. If you’re a brand throwing an event and want someone to try your product give them a worthy trail or an adequate gift card. For the most part, no one wants the percentage off or $20 off $100 type gift card. If you believe in your product, let people try it. (Uber gift cards also make great gifts).

6. Fun Mugs – Granted most people don’t need another mug, but if you’re going to do it, go the extra mile and make it fun! These “Cheers” mugs from OpenTable are a great design and make you want to take one to go.

7. Ear Buds – Somewhat over done, however it always pays off to have an extra headset (especially if you fly and or exercise a lot). Someone inevitably forgets them on a trip (or only packs their large set), so it’s handy to have a spare. This set from MSLGROUP is compact and wraps nicely to keep in your travel bag.

8. Windex Electronic Wipe & Go – Given this isn’t really a promotional item since Windex gave them out. However, it came in super handy, especially at a tech convention where everyone is glued to their phone. I always like to give credit to brands that participate in events that actually make sense for their brand. This was a great get compliments of the Mashable House at SXSW.

Do you have a promo item that makes you happy? Tweet me @prettyconnected and let me know!