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Beauty workout bag essentials

eos lip balm, lesportsac makeup case, yes to carrots face wipesGreetings from Austin! It’s been an amazing week for SXSW. Interactive just ended and now comes the music portion of the festival. With all the decadent eating out here and endless BBQ’s and Tex-Mex (not to mention my training for Machu Picchu), I hooked up with a local cycling studio, Ride which I highly recommend to anyone who’s visiting Austin.

Promotional Items People Actually Want (As Seen at SXSW)

cool promotional merchandise

If there’s one thing every person has is a promotional item. Whether it’s a pen, reusable bag, or a tee shirt, you see brand logos on everything. Personally, I’m not big on being a walking advertisement and normally pass on taking them — however since being out at SXSW I have to say the tech brands know what’s up! Mixed in with all the usual branded merchandise I past on accepting, I thought I’d give a shout out to all the brands that are doing it right! Take note PR peeps, this is the stuff we actually want!