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Add this to the NYC to-do list: Samsung 837 Experience


If you haven’t visited the Samsung’s flagship store, 837 in the Meatpacking district, add it to your list. Especially if you have people in town visiting. It’s an experiential space (as in they don’t sell merchandise or do repairs), where you purely go to experience and test out all the Samsung offerings and virtual reality launches. And also hosting an amazing series of events! I was totally booked Thursday night and am devastated I missed Diplo performing. Although Charlie did get to meet Jeremy Scott and Paris Hilton thanks to our friends at Moroccanoil and the Daily Front Row so rest assured we had our reasons. Although I die for breathing the same air as that hunk.

In addition to the amazing lineup of chefs, artists and creatives they have coming through the store is all of the experiences inside including the virtual reality roller coaster — where you put the VR headset on and sit in a moving chair that makes you feel like you’re on the real thing. There’s also a photobooth that pixilates and reflects your image over the giant screen in the store — you can see below mine with my dad from when he visited New York.

Promotional Items People Actually Want (As Seen at SXSW)

cool promotional merchandise

If there’s one thing every person has is a promotional item. Whether it’s a pen, reusable bag, or a tee shirt, you see brand logos on everything. Personally, I’m not big on being a walking advertisement and normally pass on taking them — however since being out at SXSW I have to say the tech brands know what’s up! Mixed in with all the usual branded merchandise I past on accepting, I thought I’d give a shout out to all the brands that are doing it right! Take note PR peeps, this is the stuff we actually want!

First Look: Samsung and Alexander Wang Co-collaboration Bag

Samsung and Alexander Wang Co-collaboration Bag

Following months of collaboration with some of the industry’s most creative contributors, Samsung and Alexander Wang have officially revealed the finished product of the first co-created bag!

UrbanDaddy and Samsung Mobile host a “Picture Perfect Evening”

Last night, UrbanDaddy and Samsung Mobile hosted a “Picture Perfect Evening” at Gallow Green, the rooftop of the McKittrick Hotel. First off, for someone who almost didn’t make it  or know what to expect out of a Picture Perfect evening, I’d say UrbanDaddy and Samsung Mobile nailed it!

Gorgeous rooftop — I’d been to the McKittrick Hotel for Sleep No More — but never the rooftop bar, Gallow Green.

Exceptional jazz band to add to the ambiance…

Custom caricatures being done a la Samaung Galaxy Note by artist, Rich Weinstein (look, i’m a cartoon!)