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Promotional Items People Actually Want (As Seen at SXSW)

cool promotional merchandise

If there’s one thing every person has is a promotional item. Whether it’s a pen, reusable bag, or a tee shirt, you see brand logos on everything. Personally, I’m not big on being a walking advertisement and normally pass on taking them — however since being out at SXSW I have to say the tech brands know what’s up! Mixed in with all the usual branded merchandise I past on accepting, I thought I’d give a shout out to all the brands that are doing it right! Take note PR peeps, this is the stuff we actually want!

PC featured in Mashable! Pls Vote for our Smart Car Design

For anyone that works in social/digital stratosphere, being featured on Mashable is pretty much the ultimate so I’m so excited that my partnership with Smart car landed me such an incredibly spread in the largest (or at least most relevant) social website!

As most of you know I was one of five bloggers chosen by Smart to create a wrap for their car and then you the public get to vote your favorite for your chance to win a MacBook Pro wrapped in the design in your choice.

Voting is quick and easy! Just visit Here’s how to vote: Visit: https://www.facebook.com/smartusa. ”Like” their Facebook page (click the “Wrap Stars” tab if you’re not automatically directed to the page). And then click “vote for me” under Pretty Connected/Lara Eurdolian (that’s me!).

You can vote every 24 hours — the more times you vote the more chances to win a MacBook Pro! The winner will be selected at random and then be given a choice of which design they’d like.

{My car!}

I was inspirited by kaleidoscopes and how they offer fresh perspective – the reflected light creates really beautiful shapes and patterns. And I love a good vintage inspired palette which is very versatile and unisex. So gentleman… (I didn’t forget about you.). Vote! 

View the whole Mashable article at: http://mashable.com/2012/08/27/smart-wrap-design/

Thank you to everyone that voted for me! I really appreciate it:)