#Accessorize4Wellness with Pamela Pekerman

If I had to describe, Pamela Pekerman in three words, it would probably be: fit, fierce and fabulous. So when the style expert hosted her Accessorize for Wellness event showcasing her tips and product recommendations to mirror those three adjectives, I was so there (and taking notes!). Take the journey with Pamela, all of her recommendations below:

{Meet our host, Pamela Pekerman}

{Seriously though, how happy does Pamela make you? Even in 100 degree weather this stylista’s hair looks flawless and does anyone else need a minute for her Barbiesque neon heels?}

And now for our recommendations…

1. Pluggz – What an innovative flip-flop company. They look like regular rubber flip-flops, only they have this big black plug in the center of the shoe that allows the flow of free electrons between you and the earth when you walk . The technology is set to mimic that great feeling you get when you walk barefoot on grass and sand that comes from standing on a natural energy source. Personally, I think it has a reflexology vibe with the plug hitting the center of my foot when I walk. I’m into it.

2Yummie Tummie – Can one ever have too much shape wear? Yummie Tummie is a modern body contouring shaper, with a full clothing line of intimates and seperates that works to slip your mid-section and camouflaging visible lumps and bumps. Their collection doesn’t need to be concealed under clothing and can be exposed to do it’s job! Their tanks (I am modeling the Original below) are designed to take 5 lbs off your appearance! And they are super comfortable and fashionable. Everyone needs a good collection of basic tanks… am I right?

{What do you think, do I look 5 lbs thinner in my Yummie Tummie Original Tank?}

3. The Fitness Cell Collective – Taking a “cellular” approach to fitness, this semi-private personal trainer center is located on the UES and is where the event was hosted.  You can learn more on their website or follow my tweets @PrettyConnected on Thursday at 5pm (the hashtag is #getfit) when I take my first class! “The sessions are specially designed to keep the body’s structural and cardio-respiratory systems in a constant state of adaptation” — I have no idea what that means, but I look forward to finding out.  (You can also follow their twitter handle @CellCollective)

4. Emmi Swiss Yogurt– My grandmother used to say 2 tablespoons of yogurt a day fixes everything, which is probably why I try to eat it daily. While Emmi has a full line of flavored yogurts (they recently launched Green Apple), I’m afraid when it comes to yogurt I’m a purest — it’s only plain for me (and theirs is superb). Although I should note their flavored yogurt is made with real fruit which makes me like it more.

5. Tetley Tea – I know nothing about black tea (I’m an herbal kinda-gal), except thanks to Tetley I feel like I have a lifetimes supply! I needed a good excuse to reduce my coffee intake (and opt for a healthier stay caffeinated) so I’ll give it a whirl. Especially since I’m trying to increase my daily intake of antioxidants.

6. Oasis Day Spa – Yup, this spa is a winner! I’ve been there for facials and massages (not to mention I got a much needed mini-massage at Pam’s event), and I definitely approve. The spa itself is very relaxing and tranquil and the services are top notch.

7. Cellar Angels – I’m sold on anything that involves wine being delivered to my door, especially if it’s a well curated assortment of artisan wines from Napa Valley, complete with member-only pricing and proceeds from your purchase are donated to your selected charity. I can see whey their motto is “Sip. Save. Give” — Now that’s my idea of wellness! This gets high priority on my try-list.

8. Glow Gluten Free – I am the wrong person to review cookies, I take mine butter with a side of butter — No seriously, my benchmark is Levian; and clearly I’m not allergic to Gluten. However, my bakery of choice needs to be avoided at all “fit” cost. That said, these taste good for packaged cookies and my roommate the sugarholic approved.

9. BMR Facial Toner – I didn’t get to try this but the demo was very entertaining. The BMR Face stimulates and rejuvenates the face, at home, with gentle electrical pulses. Check out their website for product details and a visual.

10. Champneys – I wasn’t familiar with Champneys until this event, but apparently it’s one of the UK’s most prestigious spas and the resort has launched a body care line exclusive to Target in the US. I received a bottle of the Mediterranean Bliss Bumble Heaven with olive leaf, fig milk & green tomato and seriously it smells like heaven. Can someone please turn this scent into a candle? Next time I’m in London, I’m making all local stops to their spa.

11. BackJoy – Having a little waist and a big rack = major back pain (and tragically pathetic posture). And unfortunately something I’ve been trying to rectify since I was a teenager. Clearly, you do not have to ask me twice to try back products. What I like about BackJoy is it’s portable, comfortable to sit in and works to engage your core muscles so you sit better and maintain your optimal spinal curvatirue. That and most of the back supporters I’ve used go on the back portion of the chair — which is well and good if I sit back, but usually I forget — with BackJoy, you sit on it so it’s virtually impossible to misuse or forget.

12. FitOrbit.com – We are live in a digital world, so there’s no surprise that our computers can help us get in shape! Taking a queue from a study that showed exercisers who record their workouts drop weight. And the ones who received online support and feedback lost the most of all, FirtOrbit sets you up with a real-life trainer that offers you personalized workouts, realistic meal plans and 24/7 standby support. FitOrbit includes step by step videos and 24/7 access to your trainer via email. For me, the hardest part is always the first step… signing up!

Most of these items above were in my gift bag, as was this Nautica Slip-Fit Deck Shirt (check me out rocking it below). I have a long torso and sometimes size small polos are too cropped on me, this one is just long enough with a nice fit. Way to go Nautica! Plus they match my new Pluggz flip-flops:)

As I’m headed to the gym, of course I have to represent for Pamela… how can I not rock her logo tank. Maybe it will send me good work-out vibes as I’m running alongside all the fashionable trophy wives at Equinox.

{Yes, this is actually how I look dressed for the gym}

Many of these brands are donating a portion of their sales to Pamela’s charity, the Ilya Peckerman Fund, which benefits the Vasculitis Foundation. Pamela also launched the site, Shop4Vasculitis, that offers great, fashionable finds, with proceeds from the sales benefit her cause.