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Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail Polish


You know what I appreciate about Sally Hansen? They see a need in the nail industry and they address it. Whether it’s high gloss, quick dry, gel finish, nail art stickers… they are always on point and coming out with new innovative products. Their latest collection, Color Therapy tackles one of the biggest concerns I’m seeing today and that’s nail damage. With all the non-stop polish wear and more so gel manicures — I know a lot of you leave it on longer then the recommended one week and then peel them off instead of getting them properly removed, which leads to mega-damaged nails. And for all of us that want to give our nails a breather, but still have on nail polish, Sally Hansen has developed Color Therapy, a 38 piece nail polish collection. Featuring their patented Argan oil formula too nourish nails while delivering a a fade-proof, chip-resistant formula, the polish lasts up to 10 days.

Summer Must Have: Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

{Disclaimer: Compensation was provided by Sally Hansen via Mode Media. Opinions are my own}


If there’s one product that always makes my summer must-have list, it’s Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. I’ve written about it for years and with good reason, it’s every tan-loving beauty expert and makeup artist’s not-so-secret cult favorite for an instant tan.

While I travel a lot and want nothing more from each trip than to bring back a tan, natural tans just aren’t in the cards given all the damage UV rays cause. I’m literally never without an SPF 30 or above if this skin is seeing the light of day. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs is my easy, affordable solution. Available in lotion (5 shades) and spray (6 shades), both are water- and transfer-resistant so they won’t get on your clothes. They also help even skin tone and cover any imperfections as well as freckles. For me, their saving grace is that they cover my annoying spider veins.


The lotion offers a more matte finish and provides medium-to-full coverage. The spray has more of luminous, shimmer finish and is ideal for a light-to-medium coverage. However, one of my favorite features of the spray is the control I have over it and the fact that you can layer it to full coverage. I’ve always been partial to the spray since it’s the original and I like the control, but I’ll use both interchangeably.

While it’s really tempting to spray it all over your legs, it should be applied to your hand first (same with the lotion) and then massaged onto your legs. Don’t forget to shake it first! With the spray, I will do some small spritzes if there’s an area I want more coverage on – usually around my spider veins, and then rub the product in. However, it’s really meant to go on your hand first.

Get InstaTan with Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs


Last week InStyle hosted their Summer Social event bringing together top makeup brands and bloggers to indulge in beauty treatments and test out new products. One of the highlights was the Sally Hansen booth where I re-fell in love with their Airbrush Legs collection. Many of us are used to their classic Airbrush Legs spray on formula pictured above and below, but what I didn’t know is that Sally Hansen recently launched a Smooth-On version!

Sally Hansen Launches Glitter Nail Polish Removing Base Coat

Sally Hansen Big Peel Off base coat

I would love to say, I wish I thought of this! But I literally have! Ever since the nail polish glitter craze I have fantasized about a base coat that would make glitter nail polish come off. (Although I always thought it would be heat activated). As many of you know taking off glitter nail polish is the worst. Even with acetone polish remover you are scrubbing forever and the only real effective fix is to soak your nails in the chemical and foiling off. It’s time consuming and annoying! (Just saying…) so literally when I saw Sally Hansen had developed the “Big Peel Off Base Coat” specifically formulated to solve this nightmare I was (and remain) so excited! AND IT’S ONLY $5.99!!!!!! But does it work? Lets me show you!

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Get your nail on! Sally Hansen I

With nail art being the it thing of right now — how many lust worthy looks have we seen since the Mani Cam launch? — who hasn’t been experimenting with fun nail looks. (and for all of us that don’t have the skills, those ornate nail polish strips are everything!) If you’ve been brushing up on your artistry, show us what you got for your chance to win BIG!Sally Hansen

From February through May, Sally Hansen is hosting the I <3 Nail Art Contest. Each month they are announcing a different nail theme, encouraging fans to submit their nail looks for a chance to win $500 and a trip to NYC. The winners from each month will compete for their chance to win the grand prize of $2,000 and your chance to be a Sally Hansen brand ambassador for a year!!!!

6 Self-Tanner Products To Have On Your Radar

The key to a natural looking fake tan is technique and great products. I’ve been playing the “I was at the beach” card for the past few months, although I confess my tan is pretty much always fake. And you know what? I’m proud of it! I took what Dermalogica’s Director of Global Education, Annet King said at her Skincare Boot Camp about the damages of UV rays to heart. Although the fact that the sun causes skincare damage and premature aging is nothing new to most of us. And yet it’s still so easy to neglect wearing sunblock because we love being tan.

Tanning beds aren’t any better for you, and many don’t want the expense or inconvenience of relying on a salon for a spray tan–although if you do, I recommend B.Bronz professional spray tanning services (I got an amazing non-streaky, instant golden tan from them). The best alternative if you want the color are self-tanners. After many, many, many months of trying over 20 different products (no joke this story has been a long time coming –I’ve been very tan recently); here are my must-haves and tips for a healthy, natural looking tan.

Beautisol Face Self-Tanner

 1. Use a good well-tested face specific self-tanner – As in avoid body tanners on your face! Beautisol is the first brand to create a skin type specific self tanner. There’s a ‘Normal-Dry-Sensitive’ and ‘Normal-Oily-Problematic’ ($26) version. It’s safe for sensitive skin while addressing and preventing breakouts and uneven skintone. It’s dynamite, as is every product I’ve used from this brand. Not to mention that website is an amazing resource for all things tan and filled with great tips and techniques to make you an application expert.

Fake Bake Flawless Self-tan + Mitt

2. A great all over tan product and professional mitt– I’m all about the Fake Bake Flawless Self-tan Liquid and Professional Mitt set ($24). You spray the product onto the mitt then apply it all over your body for an even, lightweight, golden tan that quickly absorbs and dries onto skin. It’s low maintenance, easy to apply and the mitt is AMAZING. I actually need to contact the brand to try to buy a pack of 20 (I need a lifetime supply). Whenever any of my other tan products are uneven (especially the sprays), I use the mitt to even it out. It works better then any towel I’ve used –and don’t even entertain using your hand to smooth out an uneven application (can we say streakfest?).

Spray Tan: DEX, B.Bronz, Sally Hansen

3. Have a good spray tan on hand – I use DEX Body Glow Sunless Tanner ($34) for a dark ‘I’ve been at the beach all day’ tan although you have to really shake this product and apply in a shower tub or over plastic or it can get messy since it’s such a large aerosol bottle! It’s especially amazing on my legs to get that deep bronze I love. I also use B.Bronze Tanning Mist ($24) for a more lightweight, even tan that comes in two shades light/medium and medium/dark. The nozzle is smaller then the Dex one, so it’s easier to apply on the fly if I just want a healthy glow– especially on my arms. And while I’d categorize Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs ($14) closer to a leg concealer or foundation, this product is amazing for covering spider veins, beauty marks or any other imperfections we’d prefer to keep hidden when

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Color

sal han

People seek different things when it comes to selecting and applying their nail polish.  Some enjoy the salon manicure experience, and some like to get creative with patterns and kits.  Others spend time applying a bottom coat, multiple layers of their chosen color, followed by a top coat (or something in between), all the while being ever so patient with the drying process to create the perfect at home manicure. 
And then there’s the girl on the run.  And for that girl, there is Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Nail Color.  The wand is like nothing I’ve ever seen. Compared to the average size, it’s huge and it only takes one coat for full coverage.  The brush is amazingly precise and makes the polish so easy to apply.  (Make sure when dipping the wand, you wipe the excess polish on the edges of the jar, otherwise you may find