Get InstaTan with Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs


Last week InStyle hosted their Summer Social event bringing together top makeup brands and bloggers to indulge in beauty treatments and test out new products. One of the highlights was the Sally Hansen booth where I re-fell in love with their Airbrush Legs collection. Many of us are used to their classic Airbrush Legs spray on formula pictured above and below, but what I didn’t know is that Sally Hansen recently launched a Smooth-On version!

sally hansen airbrush legs smooth-on reviewStill available in their classic 5 natural shades: Fairest, Light, Medium, Tan, and Deep, the new airbrush legs spray is now available in tube form as a liquid body makeup. I’ve been really lazy with self tanners this summer since I haven’t had the patience to do the whole apply to a mitt post shower and deal with the upkeep. Body makeup is so much easier to commit to.  And the Airbrush Legs Smooth-on Perfect Legsdelivers awesome airbrushed legs in leg makeup form! It goes on so smooth, I can do it anytime –obviously post shower is the best, but I’ve had no issues applying right before I go out. No special application technique needed. I just squeeze a quarter size into my hands and rub it all over.

sally hansen airbrush legs smooth-on review
Left leg features the Airbrush Legs Smooth-on vs nothing on my right leg.

I used the Medium shade which gave a really natural tan effect. It lasts about 24-48 hours, and has a really smooth texture. My favorite part about the formula is when you squeeze it out it may seem an intimidatingly darker color but when you blend it out it goes on so smooth and natural. And by natural I mean one to two shades darker then your skin-tone without looking fake or awkward. I’m not streaky and it’s water and transfer resistant so it stays put and doesn’t rub off on clothes (just let it set for 10-20min after applying). I tested out the same medium shade formula on my fair skin self tanner-obsessed roommate and the color worked for her too. Obviously she was super tan in comparison but it looked like she just got back from vacation. Plus she wanted a lifetime supply which says a lot since she’s tried every product on the market.

The other great feature is the coverage. I managed to awkwardly trip into my couch  and have this massive bruise which the makeup blends out so it’s not as visible. It’s also great fro freckles, veins and any other imperfections you’re trying to cover. It’s summer ready legs in an instant without any harmful UV rays required!

To learn more about Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs in Lotion and Spray form visit and follow them on their social media channels for more updates and product discounts.

{Disclaimer: Sponsored by InStyle on behalf of Sally Hansen. Opinions are my own}