Summer Must Have: Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

{Disclaimer: Compensation was provided by Sally Hansen via Mode Media. Opinions are my own}


If there’s one product that always makes my summer must-have list, it’s Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. I’ve written about it for years and with good reason, it’s every tan-loving beauty expert and makeup artist’s not-so-secret cult favorite for an instant tan.

While I travel a lot and want nothing more from each trip than to bring back a tan, natural tans just aren’t in the cards given all the damage UV rays cause. I’m literally never without an SPF 30 or above if this skin is seeing the light of day. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs is my easy, affordable solution. Available in lotion (5 shades) and spray (6 shades), both are water- and transfer-resistant so they won’t get on your clothes. They also help even skin tone and cover any imperfections as well as freckles. For me, their saving grace is that they cover my annoying spider veins.


The lotion offers a more matte finish and provides medium-to-full coverage. The spray has more of luminous, shimmer finish and is ideal for a light-to-medium coverage. However, one of my favorite features of the spray is the control I have over it and the fact that you can layer it to full coverage. I’ve always been partial to the spray since it’s the original and I like the control, but I’ll use both interchangeably.

While it’s really tempting to spray it all over your legs, it should be applied to your hand first (same with the lotion) and then massaged onto your legs. Don’t forget to shake it first! With the spray, I will do some small spritzes if there’s an area I want more coverage on – usually around my spider veins, and then rub the product in. However, it’s really meant to go on your hand first.

The difference using the product on the left vs. none on the right.
The difference using the product on the left vs. none on the right.
Final result on both legs

Recently I was in Washington DC, and the weather was scorching hot! My first 90-degree experience of the year. I had a blogger birthday brunch to go to and was wearing a dress since it was too hot for anything else and wanted to glam up my legs. For me, leaving the house with white legs in the summer is like walking out the door without bronzer (another summer staple).

During the winter, when I’m always in pants, I could care less about a tan, but as soon as the temperatures rise and the hem line moves up, I want to be bronzed to perfection. I jumped in the shower an hour before the birthday, shaved my legs, exfoliated… all the things I like to do before applying any type of self-tanner or body makeup. Then, once I was dry, I applied the Airbrush Legs and give it a few minutes to set and presto: It’s like instant I’ve-been-on-vacation legs.


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Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs gives you gorgeous, sum-ready legs in an instant.

No Sun. No Salon, No Streaks.