Sally Hansen Launches Glitter Nail Polish Removing Base Coat

Sally Hansen Big Peel Off base coat

I would love to say, I wish I thought of this! But I literally have! Ever since the nail polish glitter craze I have fantasized about a base coat that would make glitter nail polish come off. (Although I always thought it would be heat activated). As many of you know taking off glitter nail polish is the worst. Even with acetone polish remover you are scrubbing forever and the only real effective fix is to soak your nails in the chemical and foiling off. It’s time consuming and annoying! (Just saying…) so literally when I saw Sally Hansen had developed the “Big Peel Off Base Coat” specifically formulated to solve this nightmare I was (and remain) so excited! AND IT’S ONLY $5.99!!!!!! But does it work? Lets me show you!

Step 1: Apply a thick layer of the Sally Hansen Big Peel Off base coat (it goes on white but dries clear).Sally Hansen Big Peel Off base coat

Step 2: apply a glitter nail polish of choice (for me that’s Knock Out nail polish shade Midnight from the Hedwig Collection)knock out hedwig midnight nail polish

Step 3: Peel off when you’re ready to removeglitter nail polish remover

Now for does it work. Yes! Just look at the photos. It takes no effort to peel this nail polish off. That said, it comes off a bit too easy. I got one solid night of wearing my glitter nail polish (which I’m not complaining about) and then the next day it started to peel — I had flare ups just from showering. So while there’s definitely room for improvement in making it more long wear, it’s hard to complain given the alternative of how impossible it otherwise is to remove. Plus it rips off clean and doesn’t make my nail feel all weak and flaky (unlike when I try to peel off gel manicures which is the worst thing you can do to your nails).

sally hansen glitter nail polish base coat
This product has opened me back up to the world of glitter. I so rarely wear them because of the annoyance of taking them off but considering my attraction to fun and sparkly things (not to mention my incredible arsenal of glitter polishes), this product has been a total game changer.

I feel like I should thank Sally Hansen for being so innovative creating such an exciting product. I look forward to everyone knocking them off and perfecting this formula into the future!

The Sally Hansen Big Peel Off Base Coat, $5.99 is available at