Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Color

sal han

People seek different things when it comes to selecting and applying their nail polish.  Some enjoy the salon manicure experience, and some like to get creative with patterns and kits.  Others spend time applying a bottom coat, multiple layers of their chosen color, followed by a top coat (or something in between), all the while being ever so patient with the drying process to create the perfect at home manicure. 
And then there’s the girl on the run.  And for that girl, there is Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Nail Color.  The wand is like nothing I’ve ever seen. Compared to the average size, it’s huge and it only takes one coat for full coverage.  The brush is amazingly precise and makes the polish so easy to apply.  (Make sure when dipping the wand, you wipe the excess polish on the edges of the jar, otherwise you may find you’re putting too much product on your nails.) 
It takes a surprisingly small amount to cover your nails, and the best part is, it dries in 60 seconds!  Now does it last more then a couple of days? Not really.  It’s not a long wear product.  While that would be ideal, I kind of don’t care.  For $4.95 and a viable option for when I’m running out the door, and need something quick that will look great and get me through the night, this product is aces.
What can I say? Different strokes for different folks . . .

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Affiliation: This product was sent to me by a representative. I was under no obligation to write this review.