Sham-gri La! Leila Shams Spring 2010 Collection

Last week, I had the pleasure of celebrating the launch of Leila Sham’s Spring 2010 Collection at her beautiful, drool-worthy apartment in Williamsburg.  If I wasn’t so in love with the collection and consumed by my excitement of having the opportunity to own Style No. 20 Bicolor Sequin Dress (Color: Purple to Gold), I would say she missed her calling as an interior designer.  Except having known Leila and how creative she is, it’s safe to say she has a lot of callings.

Leila No. 20

This dress is so amazing! You can actually brush the sequence down to reveal the purple side or up to see gold, creating whatever purple/gold combination desired!

Nicole Williams ‘Girl On Top’ Book Tour

Meet Nicole Williams and celebrate the launch of her latest book, Girl on Top.   Her book tour will be coming to The Limited near you, bringing runway shows, private sales, and networking parties along the way.  So enjoy a cocktails and mingle with fellow GOT’s. Don’t miss it!


Nicole Williams 'Girl On Top' Book Tour

Spin and the City

Susan Sarandon may have played a Queen in Exit the King, but off stage she remains on her thrown as the Queen of SPiN.  Susan, alongside owners Bill Mack, Franck Raharinosy, Jonathan Bricklin, and Andrew Gordon welcomed guests to their 13,000 square feet table tennis social club this past Thursday to their grand opening hosted by Vanity Fair and Hermes.

The celebration and space was nothing short of pure magic. In fact it was out of control AMAZING. With a 30 ft bar and lounge that looks into the 23rd street subway station and 17 ping pong tables on Olympic caliber flooring, it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen (and after 8yrs in NY, that’s rare).

The room was filled with members, celebrities, heartthrobs, models, nerds, hipsters, fashionistas, Olympians, legends, reporters, artists, bankers, – oh and Spider-Man. No matter your status, age, or playing ability, Spin offered an equal playing field and allowed us to be kids again.  They gave us game time on their courts and served gourmet popcorn and grilled cheese compliments of their restaurant, Ducks.

It's an honor to be photographed with stylish table tennis legends Marty Riesling and Dick Miles
Lara Eurdolian with stylish table tennis legends Marty Reisman and Dick Miles

Guests played dress up in Hermes scarves while waiting for their turn to be photographed. Not only did the full size pictures print out instantly, but it also allowed you to enter your email address to have the images sent to your account.

I clearly had a lot of fun with this feature.


Later on the party continued in their private Fred Perry room. 

Victoria’s Secret to the Rescue!

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Week Suite at the Loft at the Byrant Park Hotel was a welcome respite for attendees taking a break from the tents and in need of some papering.  Offering beverages and snacks, as well as manicures in their new fall shades, guests had a place to just hang out and relax in between shows.

New VS MAKEUP Collection launched August 2009
New VS MAKEUP Collection launched August 2009