Do this: Miss Pop’s DIY Manicure as seen at Alice + Olivia


Fashion week always brings on a variety of nail looks. Backstage we take notes and drool over the manicures that are usually so ornate and impossible to recreate at home. However, our favorite nail artist, Miss Pop created a jaw-dropping negative space manicure using China Glaze nail polish, that is so simple to recreate but looks beyond polished and cool we had to share.

For this look she used: French Manicure Guide Stickers (the key to the look), China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat, China Glaze Meet Me in the Mirage nail polish (rosy/bronze foil metallic color) and China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat.

Step 1: Apply the French Manicure Guide Stickers across the corner of nail from sidewall to cuticle in a rainbow arch.

Step 2: Apply base coat

Step 3: Apply two coats of Meet Me in the Mirage and let it dry for 2 minutes before peeling the sticker off.

Step 4: Apply top coat to seal the design

What I love about this look is it’s easy to re-create in any shade or existing color you have at home. All you need is the French Manicure Guide Stickers which you can get at any beauty supply store or online (she recommends these from Jovana. Miss Pop tells us the key to removing the sticker is waiting until it’s just about dry — if it’s too dry too much polish can come off and if it isn’t dry enough it can smudge. Waiting about two minutes is optimal but can vary based on the polish.

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