Ready to Erase Wrinkles? Try Erasa XEP30

Erasa xep 30

Whenever there’s any type of breakthrough in the skincare industry I get excited. (Like REALLY excited). Especially in the anti-aging world. I take great care of my skin but decades of cringing has finally caught up to me and admittedly seeing wrinkles on my tiny forehead has been the bane of my 30s. While there are great ingredients to plump lines like Hyaluronic Acid, or retinals that help minimize their appearance we don’t really have anything that takes them away, unless you’re looking at the extreme of Botox which is temporary and a whole other road I’m not ready to go down. For a $2 billion industry (that’s actually how much we spend on anti-aging products in the US!), you’d think we could do better by now. And maybe there’s hope…

Today, Jules Zecchino, the former Chief Scientist at Estee Lauder and founder of Skyler Brand Ventures, the premier independent R&D incubator for the cosmetics industry is launching the much anticipated Erasa XEP30 concentrate with BioMimetics Labs. This exciting new company is tackling natural anti-aging solutions into powerful cosmetics through biomimetics. If you’re wondering what biomimetics means (don’t worry I had to google it to), in simplified terms it’s when we look to nature and our environment for solutions. Like designing planes based on the study of birds, or mimicking the arrangement of leaves on a plant for better solar power results.

As the creator of some of the best-selling products at Estee Lauder and Elizabeth Arden for nearly two decades, Mr. Zecchino has a deep rooted background in beauty biosciences and along with his top level team at Skyler, which includes some of the most renowned global research and design (R&D) partners has developed what could be an industry game-changer.

Erasa XEP30 combines exclusive ingredients clinically proven to help address all visible signs of aging — non-invasively. Now I’ll admit the name is a bit science-y but let me geek out for a second. Through Skyler, they have secured the exclusive rights for two years to use the patented XEP-30 active (a super neuropeptide– stronger version of XEP-18 a.k.a snail venom) and combined it with a patent-pending delivery system to deeply penetrate the skin and aid in relaxing it.  This process helps erase wrinkles, restore skin elasticity and even skin tone. If the term ‘relaxing the skin’ sounds familiar, it’s what is done during Botox to make wrinkles disappear. However with Botox you’re injecting the formula into your face (usually forehead lines) to block the signals from the nerves to the muscles so they can’t contract. Erasa XEP30 seams like a much better way.

Independent clinical lab tests showed results beyond anything we’ve seen from the topical skincare product which includes 74% wrinkle reduction, 74% pore reduction, and 99% shine reduction. Additionally, Erasa XEP30 treats the whole face, instead of just one area, and it smells great!

Excited? Me too. This product launches today and I will be posting updates on my social media. Try it along with me and learn more at

Special thank you to Erasa for partnering with me and letting me be one of the first to try this product!