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Ready to Erase Wrinkles? Try Erasa XEP30

Erasa xep 30

Whenever there’s any type of breakthrough in the skincare industry I get excited. (Like REALLY excited). Especially in the anti-aging world. I take great care of my skin but decades of cringing has finally caught up to me and admittedly seeing wrinkles on my tiny forehead has been the bane of my 30s. While there are great ingredients to plump lines like Hyaluronic Acid, or retinals that help minimize their appearance we don’t really have anything that takes them away, unless you’re looking at the extreme of Botox which is temporary and a whole other road I’m not ready to go down. For a $2 billion industry (that’s actually how much we spend on anti-aging products in the US!), you’d think we could do better by now. And maybe there’s hope…

NYC is the 2nd Most Wrinkle-Prone Region in the US! Guess why.

wrinkly dogs
Living in the city that never sleeps is a unique experience filled with many perks ranging from the best shopping, 24 hour delivery services, and cultural experiences at every turn. All of these obvious “pluses” happen to also come with a big “minus”.  According to a new study by Sperling’s BestPlaces and RoC Skincare, the Big Apple is the second most wrinkle-prone region in the U.S.!!! This study assesses lifestyle, occupational and environmental factors that can add wear and tear to the skin (of which NYC scored higher then average in all categories). Some leading factors include climate conditions, stress levels and not enough sleep!!