MIARAY Fiberwig Mascara Launching Soon at ULTA


Confession: Not all mascara is created equal. If you think you’ve tried one and you’ve tried them all, then you are mistaken! Formulated with Japan’s unprecedented Film Coating Technology, MIARAY Fiberwig’s “Paint-On False Lashes” are a liquid false lash formula applied like mascara. With results that no regular mascara can achieve, Fiberwig is the No.1 best seller in Japan.

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Benefit #1 – A “False Lash” Finish: The more you apply, the longer your lashes will be (minus the spider effect). The pure black formula transforms into a film and encapsulates lashes. The quick-drying, fiber-rich formula is highly adhesive, allowing layers of fibers to extend the tips of lashes. The extra long brush conforms to the roots of lashes while separating and allowing fibers to connect and extend lashes further.

Benefit #2 – No More Panda Eyes: The smudge-proof film coating formula repels oil, sweat, tears, and friction! Ordinary mascara contains oil based cream, which is the main reason for smudging.

Benefit #3 – Easy and Gentle Removal: The film slides easily off lashes with warm water, preventing lash damage. Think of it like a cap on your lashes that expands with warm water absorption and slips off without rubbing and pulling lash roots.

Benefit #4 – Beautifying Ingredients Help Moisturize and Condition Lashes: Fiberwig coats lashes with a blend of Hydrolyzed Silk, Apple Fruit Extract, Honey, Panthenol, Vitamin E, and Royal Jelly Extract. This moisturizing and conditioning blend protects lashes from split ends (Yes, really. Your lashes are just like the hair on your head, which you deep condition to protect!).


Still not convinced it’s different than all the other mascaras in your beauty arsenal? Give it a try when d.j.v. MIARAY Fiberwig Mascara launched nationwide exclusively at Ulta Beauty and online at Ulta.com beginning May 3, 2015.