Drinks with Jenny McCarthy (that will boost your energy)

jenny mccarthy

I met Jenny McCarthy a few years back when I was on the red carpet doing interviews for COVERGIRL during a VMA party, and I was such a fan girl. I’m from the generation of Singled Out, and she was one of the first woman I observed being so confident and sexy while still being so approachable and down to earth. And that’s something that hasn’t changed or faltered from her TV to real life persona.


Last month, I enjoyed drinks with the McCarthy over an intimate lunch for the launch of SkinnyStix, a new powder you add to water or beverages to increase energy, stamina and improved focus (not to mention weight-loss). McCarthy is a Chicago native, where she explained portion control was not in her DNA, but with her wedding on the rise and her emotional eating habits, these packs helped control her cravings and portions. With only 5 calories per pack, she felt it’s mood enhancing properties, weight-loss and energy boosting effects without any of negative side effects like feeling jittery. (She also boosts it’s a great mixer for Vodka).
Jenny McCarthy

With my upcoming trip to Australia, I’ve been drinking these as much as possible. They suggest no more then three packets a day (1 is just fine) and to stop drinking them after 6pm — unless you’re going for a night on the town — otherwise you may have trouble sleeping. The flavor itself comfortably similar to most of the flavored drinks out there, but as a mostly water and juice drinker, I can’t do more then one packet and I have to dilute it in a large water bottle, otherwise it’s too strong for me. But I can feel the effects and it does encourage me to drink more water since I commit to finishing a whole packet in a day.IMG_6984.JPG

If you’ve missed her seeing her on screen since her exit from the View, she has a new reality show project with husband Donnie Wahlberg, title ‘Donnie Loves Jenny’. The 10-episode original, unscripted docuseries will be airing on A&E and will follow the couple’s first year as newlyweds.

SkinnyStix is available in three flavors, Elextric Lime, Berry Fusion and Tangy Tangerine and retails for $29.99 which includes 21 Stix. Learn more at zantrex3.com/products/skinnystix.html