Get Lash-Tastic with Eylure (Katy Perry is!)


You’re dying over my lashes right? I am! When it comes to wearing fake lashes, I have a policy: Go big or go home. (Or rather, go big or just don’t bother). Then again, I have naturally pretty decent ones so the last thing I want to do is glue something to my eye-lid that’s the same size. For drama queens like me and everything in between, Eylure has it all and at affordable prices – Just ask Katy Perry!


I was first turned onto to Eylure through their collaboration with Katy Perry of which she was very involved in and designed the collection to her specifications. However, after attending a recent press event the brand, I have learned so much about fake lashes that I’m so excited to share with you! (Especially for my fellow readers that are terrible at applying them on themselves.)20140710-100724-36444599.jpg

For starters, their rich history! Eylure has been around for 65 years and was created by the makeup artists behind Elizabeth Taylor’s epic eyes in Cleopatra.  Leave it to two men…

20140714-191619-69379739.jpgThey are major in the UK and are building their presence here in the States and after learning so much about lashes, I think they are going to blow up. Here’s why:


They have thought of everything! See all the colors in the above picture? They represent 8 different collections of eyelash types (not including the Katy Perry collection), which are:

  1. Naturals – features shorter lashes for the most natural look. They are nice, even and light — no one will know you’re wearing fakes!
  2. Lengthening – offers longer, fuller lashes for an eye opening look. (It’s like lashes with mascara on).
  3. Volume – longer, thicker lashes to create a fuller effect. This is their biggest seller and gives that nice, even glamorous look that’s still polished and not too over the top.
  4. Definition – eclectic, spiky lashes for a unique fun look.
  5. Texture – roughed up lashes to create a voluminous, lengthened texturized look. (Like you just rolled out of bed with last nights mascara and still look like a total rockstar.
  6. Exaggerate – lashes that offer volume, length, and depth to give an amazing, chic look or a textured style. BIG, full, rich lashes coming through!
  7. Dramatic – DOUBLE LASHES! Did you know that some people put two sets of fake lashes on? As in one and then the other on top of it *mind blown* — This does that but on one line so it’s not chunky or obvious at the base (it’s what I’m wearing in the first photo). This is the longest, fullest lashes currently available and offers a full, texturized look with a dramatic twist.
  8. Pro-Lash – a professional, make-up artist look! Includes lash pieces, underlashes, and flares.

20140710-100724-36444547.jpgBefore you get overwhelmed, remember, options are good! So now that you have an idea of the level of lashes you’re looking, each of these 8 collections includes different shapes as well as a starter kit, which includes a a practice lash in case you mess up, two packs of glue, an applicator to help you apply and a pair of lashes. They also have a pre-glued lash which lets you peel and apply for people like me who are so uncoordinated when it comes to putting on lashes. For everyone that’s not a beginner, you can bypass trying the Starter Kit or the Pre-Glued versions and get the shape of your dreams:)

Speaking of beginners, Eylure recently repackaged their collection by color to distinguish the above categories, making it easier to identify the appropriate lashes. And used ‘mascara language’ and photos on eyes on the back of the packages to show how they will look on as well as include step by step directions.

{I’m wearing the Dramatic N.202 in the top photo, here’s them in the package below}


I love these Dramatic No.202 I had put on me at the event! Make-up artist, Margo Holder did the honors and taught me so much! For starters, I used to put the glue directly on and then put them on my eyelids and wait a full minute for them to dry. She puts the glue on her hand and then dips the edges in for a more precise line and then waits 20-30 seconds before applying them to the eyelid so that the glue isn’t as wet — genius!


Above is a sneak peek of what they are launching this fall! It’s a limited edition mixed pack of “Wardrobe” lashes — as in you have a wardrobe for different outfit looks and now you have lashes to watch. They will have 3 sets:
Paris, which is for the sophisticated and polished gal and has the day to night lashes; New York, which has the sexy lashes that look great with a smokey eye and the London, which has the roughed up lashes for the more boho girl. They are also coming out with a limited edition collection of crazy but beautiful lashes for Halloween featuring spider web lashes!

All of the collections are manufactured with a mix of natural and faux hair and baked to maintain a natural cure making it easier to apply. All packages include glue — there’s nothing more annoying then buying a pack and realizing there’s no glue in it.

Eylure Lashes are available at Target, Kohl’s and Ulta and range in price from $4.99 – $6.99 (glue included). Learn more at