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Get Lash-Tastic with Eylure (Katy Perry is!)


You’re dying over my lashes right? I am! When it comes to wearing fake lashes, I have a policy: Go big or go home. (Or rather, go big or just don’t bother). Then again, I have naturally pretty decent ones so the last thing I want to do is glue something to my eye-lid that’s the same size. For drama queens like me and everything in between, Eylure has it all and at affordable prices – Just ask Katy Perry!


I was first turned onto to Eylure through their collaboration with Katy Perry of which she was very involved in and designed the collection to her specifications. However, after attending a recent press event the brand, I have learned so much about fake lashes that I’m so excited to share with you! (Especially for my fellow readers that are terrible at applying them on themselves.)