Add this to the NYC to-do list: Samsung 837 Experience


If you haven’t visited the Samsung’s flagship store, 837 in the Meatpacking district, add it to your list. Especially if you have people in town visiting. It’s an experiential space (as in they don’t sell merchandise or do repairs), where you purely go to experience and test out all the Samsung offerings and virtual reality launches. And also hosting an amazing series of events! I was totally booked Thursday night and am devastated I missed Diplo performing. Although Charlie did get to meet Jeremy Scott and Paris Hilton thanks to our friends at Moroccanoil and the Daily Front Row so rest assured we had our reasons. Although I die for breathing the same air as that hunk.

In addition to the amazing lineup of chefs, artists and creatives they have coming through the store is all of the experiences inside including the virtual reality roller coaster — where you put the VR headset on and sit in a moving chair that makes you feel like you’re on the real thing. There’s also a photobooth that pixilates and reflects your image over the giant screen in the store — you can see below mine with my dad from when he visited New York.


Going back to the amazing event the 837 Venue hosts regularly (complete listing HERE) they also have a 360 series bringing in notables in different industries for a 360 look at their creative process. The experience gives you a behind the scenes look using the Samsung Gear VR followed by a demonstration. Last month, the heads of Samsung flew in for the kickoff event with chef, Daniel Boulond where guests got to watch a quick into his world with the Samsung VR headsets followed by a live demonstration of his cooking.


The photo isn’t one for the books but it was pretty great to meet Daniel after he cooked and have my dad as well as my nearest and dearests around me for the experience.danielle-bouland-samsung-837

For their next 360 event they had pop-singer, Rachel Platten — you know, she sings “This is my fight song…” which again opened with the VR sets showing us a behind the scenes look before she performed a few songs live at the 837 space.

These events are free and open to the public and you should for sure check out their lineup to join in. The seating is limited but completely viewable through the store for any event that are sold out (and they do allow standing while the performances are happening). And with that ginormous screen (the same one used as a photo booth during regular store hours) you won’t miss a beat. Rachel-Platten-samsung-837-event

With summer here, which for me always means I have back to back guests coming to town this is something to note if you’re looking for fun activities. Especially since it’s located across the street from the Standard Hotel and is only a block from the entrance to the High line (which are also good to add to your list).

Samsung 837 flagship is located at 837 Washington Street, NYC. For complete list of events visit