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tHERSday: Claiming back girls night in

9 girls, 1 night, 4 bottles of wine, 3 boxes of makeup… it’s tHERSday™ at chez Pretty Connected. What exactly is tHERSday? Well let me back up — I have been wanting to have a girls night  for FOREVER! My schedule has been so completely insane in the membrane I’ve barely had time to call my parents let alone set up dinners with all the fabulous ladies in my life.


I was all complaints and no action, until I got an email from REMBRANDT (yes the teeth grooming specialists) offering a tHERSday™ kit—a bag packed with all the essentials needed to throw a tHERSday™ party (aka girls night). We’re talking

Talking beauty with Molly Sims

image040Recently I caught up with the ever so delightful model/actress (and new mom!), Molly Sims at BLOW salon in NYC for a special event hosted by Rembrandt and Neutrogena.  It was an evening filled with teeth whitening touch ups, hair blow-outs and mini makeovers by Neutrogena brand ambassador Amy Oresman.

While at the event I ran into Shy from the Beauty and the Feast Blog and together we took the opportunity to ask Mrs. Sims a few questions and get the 411 on her beauty essentials (and then of course I saw props and conned everyone into taking a funny pic).


Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy! How did your life change once you became a mother?

Molly Sims (MS): My showers got really short! I went from a 30 minute shower, which is terrible to admit, to like a two minute one. I used to have a lot more time on my hands, and now there’s

Beach Bag Essentials: Top products to have on your radar

Whether you’re planning a trip to the beach, a lake or Central Park, there’s some key don’t-leave-home-without products that make the leisure day in the sun that much better. And with summer in full swing here are some of our top beach bag picks!

Morning routine: Start fresh!

1. Rembrant Deeply White Toothpaste – It’s an all-in-one fluoride toothpaste with Active Dental Peroxide that helps safely whiten below the enamel to remove deep and surface stains. I like that it offers a deep whitening without being too strong and makes for a pleasant brushing experience. The packaging is simple and clean and aesthetically looks great in my bathroom along with it’s Deeply White Mouthwash counterpart (which I also use). At 2.6oz, it’s big enough for your bathroom and yet small enough that it fits comfortably in most makeup cases if you’re on the go and need an afternoon freshen up.

2. Degree NaturEffects deodorant– With temperatures hitting close to 90 degrees do everyone a favor (including yourself) and apply! I use the orange flower + cranberry scent which smells lovely. As both an anti-perspirant & deodorant in one, it keeps me dry and is offers long-lasting protection. Plus it goes on smooth and has never given my clothes a single mark.

The gear!

3. THE BAG! People often use weekender bags interchangeably with beach bags and unless you’re packing for the whole fam that can get a little bulky (plus the bigger a bag, the more you’ll fill it with stuff you don’t need). I opt for the L.L.Bean Boat and Tote bag in size medium ($33.95). Opting for a size smaller then the weekender makes the bag much more comfortable to hold while still guaranteeing room for all your beach essentials.