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Dove Wants You to #LoveYourCurls

Dove Quench Absolute Group

For some weeks now, Dove launched a national campaign encouraging women to celebrate, love and take pride in their curly hair! Did you know that one in three women in the US has wavy to curly hair? (Myself included). Probably not since many of us hide it with the sweet temptation of blowing it out or flat ironing it to be straight and sleek. And I can tell you first hand why. Curly hair is hard! It gets unruly, curls drop and that next day hair is rarely something to celebrate. Not to mention the shine I’m able to achieve with a flat iron, I never see otherwise when I come out of the shower.

REDKEN Expands Diamond Oil Haircare Line


After the much success of the Redken Diamond Oil (have you tried it? We’re obsessed!), they expanded the line late last year to now include a Diamond Oil Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask!

If the packaging isn’t enough to attract you to these sparkling beauties, the results to your hair will!  The shampoo and conditioner look like they are made with tiny pieces of shimmering diamonds submersed in the formula.  And ok, while it might not be real diamonds, it could just be the next best thing!  The Diamond Oil Haircare line contains a blend of natural apricot, camelina and coriander oils which penetrate to the core and from the inside out to not only strengthens your hair (3X stronger), it also adds shine (by 2X)!

Throughout the bitter winter months my hair usually takes quite a beating (static, dry, dull, ugh), but with three weeks of Redken’s Sparkling Oil Complex nourishing it those days seem far behind me.  The IPN technology (included in the shampoo, conditioner, and mask) work together in the wet and dry phases to repair hair. Here’s the breakdown of how it works:

  • KeralinkTM – a specialized protein co-polymer that acts in the wet phase by binding moisture to hair while strengthening deep within the hair fiber.
  • Amino Acids and Protein – act together in the dry phase creating an ionic bond with hair’s keratin to rebuild surface protection and help enhance hair’s texture and shine.

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 10.59.59 PM

I wash my hair 2-3 times a week and in the in-between phases used the Shatterproof Shine Intense on the ends of my hair to keep them nourished.  I also recently dyed the tips of my hair so the contrast from before and after has been dramatic.  Where my hair felt stiff and damaged before it now feels soft and manageable.  Just add 2-3 drops in the palm of your had, rub together to warm and distribute to the tips of your hair (or where ever the driest area is for you).  Added bonus: It smells great too.

Disclaimer: I received a sample.  

The latest oil that can change your hair (and skin)

MarulaOil hair products

If there’s one trend that continues to evolve and grow in the beauty industry, it’s oil! Jojoba oil, olive oil, coconut oil, aragan oil and now the latest one to hit the market, marula!

Feel the Transformation: Bumble & Bumble Hairdressers Invisible Oil

bumble and bumble Bumble & Bumble Hairdressers Invisible Oil As you all know by now, I’m an oil fanatic! Face, hair, body, nails — my body can not get enough.  So when my friends at Refinery29 introduced me to the Bumble & Bumble Hairdressers Invisible Oil collection, I was all over it.

Shu Uemura Launches Color Lustre Collection


Cult beauty favorite, Shu Uemura has created another hair masterpiece: The Color Lustre Collection. To all the women who spend their monthly shoe allowance constantly highlighting their hair, Color Lustre Brilliant Glaze will save you money and salon visits.

Redken Unveils New Styling Collection


Combining the power of science with the desire for beauty, Redken will unveil a new line of styling products in April 2015. The collection, which consists of Braid Aid 03, Stay High 18, Short Sculpt 19, and Metal Fix 08, is inspired by Guido Palau’s iconic runway hairstyles.

Meet Guido


Redken’s creative consultant and global styling director is responsible for creating iconic runway hairstyles for Alexander Wang, McQueen, and Marc Jacobs. When creating the new Redken products, he had a singular mission: to streamline the styling process, making it faster and easier to translate to “real girl street styles”.

Meet the Styling Collection


Braid Aid 03 is a styling balm made specifically for braiding and twisting your hair (think Lauren Conrad). Applied to damp hair, the solution makes it easier to weave hair back and forth without getting strands tangled together.


Stay High 18 is a volumizing gel-mousse for women with fine hair and was inspired by toothpaste that goes from gel to foam. The root lifting technology turns from strong-hold gel into a mousse, providing both hold and lift without buildup.


Short Sculpt 19 is a texturizing gel for for pixies and bobs, making it the perfect prep tool for this season’s hottest hair trend: the lob.


Finally, the most unique and fun product, Metal Fix 08 is a metallic liquid pomade that comes in silver and gold to create the illusion of highlights. Even on the dreariest of days, your strands will shine like a beach bombshell.

We can hardly wait until April….

In other news, Redken just announced their newest brand muse: top model, street style star and trendsetter Soo Joo Park! In 2015, Soo Joo will take her hair to new lengths with an exciting innovation from the Extreme haircare line. Stay tuned!

PC Photo Shoot with Head & Shoulders (+ New Scents!)


Earlier this month I took part in what could be my favorite photo shoot yet! Sure I’ve been in campaigns for major magazines like Elle and Lucky, and soon to be Cosmo! (Check out my latest one with Nair!) but nothing toped the Head & Shoulders experience. 

PC Video With L’Oreal: Learn How to Ombre Your Hair At Home

Lara Eurdolian, L'Oreal Feria Ombre Kit Review

So how exciting is this! I partnered with Beauty High to show you how to ombré your hair at home using the NEW L’Oréal Paris’ Feria at-home ombré hair dye kit.

Have you always wanted to try the ombré hair trend but didn’t want to spend the money or time at a salon? Well now you don’t have to! L’Oréal Paris’ Feria at-home ombré hair dye kit is an easy at-home kit at a fraction of the cost of salons and it took me less then an hour to do my locks! Plus nothing beats being in the comfort of your own home when getting your hair did (especially since most of the time you’re just sitting around). And for anyone that already has an ombre but it’s fading or growing out, this kit is the easiest (and most inexpensive way) to help you maintain your look.

Considering summer is here, what better time to try out a fun new hairstyle? For someone like me who has dark hair, I don’t have a lot of options, especially given that I have long hair and don’t want to fry my roots (or cut it to do something and different). An ombre is the best solution since it looks good with any hair color and  hair length, and it’s such low maintenance — you don’t have to worry about your roots growing in! Plus, you decide how low or high the ombre goes. For me I like it at the bottom so if by the end of summer I’m over it, it’s just an easy hair cut from going away. Minimal commitment needed.

In the video above, I show you how to get the look and home and walk you through the steps of using the L’oréal Feria Wild Ombré Hair Kit. The whole process took maybe an hour and could not have been easier!

Step 1: Make sure your hair is dry and detangled, and put on the plastic safety gloves.

Step 2: Put the shimmering powder packet into the bottle, put the flat cap on, and shake. Put the lightening cream into the bottle, put the flat cap on and shake. Then replace with the applicator cap.

Step 3: Part your hair naturally and clip your top layer of hair up to access the bottom layer of your hair.

Step 4: Squeeze the dye evenly onto the applicator brush, and brush it onto the bottom parts of your hair that you would like ombré. Add more product until the lengths are completely saturated, and let sit for 25 minutes.

Step 5: Use the conditioning shampoo, rinse, and style as usual!

Now all you need is to pick up a kit for yourself and you’re ready to DIY ombré your hair at home!

Video by Beauty Hight/Alissa Huff. You can see the original Beauty High post HERE

Thank you Beauty High/L’Oreal for helping me share this tutorial!

John Frieda Helps Never Pull Back with NEW Frizz Ease Website

John Frieda A Girl's Got To Be Free

We’re all guilty of it – imprisoning our unruly locks in a bun, ponytail, or something that resembles both.  Whatever the excuse – time crunch, pure laziness or just lack of know-how, we have been tying up and holding back the best of our selves.  

GlamSquad: $50 Hair Blow-Outs at Your Door!

glamsquadI feel like I have conquered the beauty (and fashion) spectrum from makeup, nails, and styling, except for my hair! When in doubt it’s a top bun since even giving myself a standard blow-out is a disaster. Which is too bad since a great hair day is a great day in my book. And while I love going to the salon as much as the next girl, the whole