John Frieda Helps Never Pull Back with NEW Frizz Ease Website

John Frieda A Girl's Got To Be Free

We’re all guilty of it – imprisoning our unruly locks in a bun, ponytail, or something that resembles both.  Whatever the excuse – time crunch, pure laziness or just lack of know-how, we have been tying up and holding back the best of our selves.  

John Frieda’s Frizz Ease collection is promoting the end of and providing the answer to this injustice.  The brand’s “Never Pull Back” movement is not just about putting an end to frustrating frizz, it’s about liberating our locks and eliminating insecurity.  Studies have shown a direct connection between self-confidence and how we present ourselves.  So, go ahead: Fight frizz and fight insecurity!

We’re actually in the process of trying the new line of Frizz Ease products (they are expanding like crazy!), and if you are too — or thinking about it — be sure to check out their special website: as it offers product information, and how-to videos for product use and styling. Hair can be a tough thing to navigate especially when there’s such a vast amount of products to pick from so identify your hair needs and goals first by doing some research and checking out this new site.