PC Photo Shoot with Head & Shoulders (+ New Scents!)


Earlier this month I took part in what could be my favorite photo shoot yet! Sure I’ve been in campaigns for major magazines like Elle and Lucky, and soon to be Cosmo! (Check out my latest one with Nair!) but nothing toped the Head & Shoulders experience. 

The brand indulged me in a full photo shoot where I got to bring James and see him get all glammed up (we are talking hair and makeup — and outfitted by celebrity stylist Sunnie Brook Jones) — and somehow I went to check on him and he was getting a hair cut (that is not normal behavior on a shoot!).

We got to pick a background and take some professional shots together by celebrity photographer Danielle Levitt. James already feels like a big part of this site (just wait until you see the redesign he created for this site next week!), so getting to be on a shoot with him was a great moment for me!

Wearing matching Head & Shoulders robes, we got our hair washed with the NEW Head & Shoulders Fresh Scent Technology Shampoos and Conditioners (we wouldn’t want to get our outfits wet!).

Having teamed up with the leading fragrance creators, the new scents include Classic Clean, Apple Fresh, Cool Menthol, Citrus Breeze and Ocean Breeze and are available in a shampoo, conditioner and 2 in 1 formula ($5.99 each). The new Fresh Scent Technology delivers the same high quality scalp and hair care efficacy with an enhanced sensorial experience in the shower. We both had Apple Fresh used which smelled like an apply jolly rancher!

Head and Shoulder's new scent technology

While most of us think of Head & Shoulders as just a haircare line if you have Dandruff, they really are more so about maintaining a healthy scalp — which of course means making hair flake-free but also non-itchy and well maintained. And most of us think of dandruff shampoo as smelling tolerable at best so the new collection is the best of both worlds.

Having grown up with serious scalp issues, I’ve had Alopecia Areata since I was in high school (which is like eczema for your scalp), I beyond understand the importance of maintaing a healthy scalp — which Head & Shoulders delivers. I actually hair a flare up in my Alopecia prior to the event so I was using their Smooth & Silky line even before being invited. It’s a heavier line but I have so much hair I need the deep cleanse — I just add in a clarifying shampoo once a week to get rid of any build up). And I had James use it as well to clear up his dandruff making this one of the rare months where we didn’t have his and hers shampoo and conditioners in our bathroom.

Head & Shoulders Lara Eurdolian, James King

Head & Shoulders photo shoot

I can’t tell if we look like we’re taking engagement photos (no, we’re not engaged) or like we’re doing some type of modern day glam rendition of ET, but whichever it was that was, all I can say is we had a whole lot of fun!

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