The latest oil that can change your hair (and skin)

MarulaOil hair products

If there’s one trend that continues to evolve and grow in the beauty industry, it’s oil! Jojoba oil, olive oil, coconut oil, aragan oil and now the latest one to hit the market, marula!

Much like the other oils listed the benefits of these ingredients can be seen both on skin and hair. Marula oil is proving the same. I was first introduced it’s benefit of this from the skincare brand Marula, which produced a line of face products including their signature Pure Marula Facial Oil which boosts 60% higher antioxidant level then argal oil. (That caught my attention).

John Paul DeJoria, Lara Eurdolian and MarulaOil launch party

However it wasn’t until last week when I learned of it’s benefits on hair. John Paul DeJoria, the man behind the Paul Mitchell brand has launched a new hair line, MarulaOil. Entering the luxury market, this collection is centered all around the extract and it’s many benefits.

Lets start with what Marula oil is. Harvested from the Marula Tree in Africa (where it’s wonders have been a coveted beauty secret for thousands of years), the oil is obtained by crushing the entire fruit; skin, nut and kernel together using a cold-press process which allows the maximum amount of nutrients and oleic acids–the very ingredients that hydrate, replenish and protect hair and skin.

Harnessing the hydrating and replenishing power of this fruit, this luxury collection of hair products includes the Rare Oil Replenishing Shampoo, Rare Oil Replenishing Conditioner, Rare Oil Intensive Masque, Rare Oil Treatment, and Rare Oil Treatment Light.

Using a sophisticated time-release technology, MarulaSpheres nourish and hydrate hair over time. The positively charged MarulaSpheres adhere to the negatively charged damage sites and together they bond like a magnet. During testing studies showed hair 80% improvement in split ends, improved the condition of hair and 80% more shine.

I’ve been using the collection since I got my hands on it last week and I can not speak more highly of it. I have thin hair, but a lot of it (so everyone thinks it’s thick) and super dry ends from a left over ombre. The collection is ideal for dull, dry, damaged, thick, coarse and unruly hair so I trade off using the shampoo and focus the conditioning products on the mid shaft to end.

Normally, I use a hair masque 1-2 times a week, however the regular conditioner was so moisturizing it instantly smoothed the hair cuticles. (It had that same feeling I get from when competitive masques). Although I should note I’m also in love with the Rare Oil Intensive Masque. With a high concentration of nutrients and minerals it makes my hair so soft and shiny — and especially on my ends where I need the extra hydration boost.  While I still have split ends, I’ve also seen an incredible improvement in breakage.

I’ve also added the The Rare Oil Treatment to my hair regimen, which comes in regular and light. So far, I’ve only used the light since my hair is thin, however if you’re more coarse, go for the regular. You only need a few drops which can be applied to clean, damp hair prior to blow-drying or pre-shampooing to enrich the treatment. It’s super lightweight and smells amazing.

The other wonderful thing about the production of marula oil is it helps create a sustainable economy for women and families of southern and eastern Africa. The marula fruit is wild-harvested by African women’s collectives who are educated on safe practices, provided traceability training and paid fair trade wages.

marula oil launch with david alan

Showing off the luxury of this collection (how about that packaging?!), John Paul DeJoria hosted the launch event at the prestigious St. Regis hotel in NYC with some prized jewels from one of my favorite jewelry designers, David Alan.

david alan jewelry

david alan rings

david alan engagement rings

David has helped design and created custom engagement rings for two of my friends. And getting to play with some of his designs, and having my hands drip in diamonds has been a fantasy for quite some time. Check him out at