Meet Me at Cosmoprof in Vegas + 11 Beauty Trends Around the World

cosmoprof northa america beauty trendsIt’s been an exciting week with my Cosmoprof family! As some of you know, Cosmoprof is the largest and most awarded B2B beauty event in the US, they have shows around the world but their Vegas show, which is coming up July 29-31st is not to be missed if you’re based here or looking to launch your beauty brand in the US. I’m so honored to be their on-air personality this season and can’t wait to interview the brands coming out to the show in Vegas.

I’ll be available Sunday, July 29th and Monday, July 30th from 1-3pm interviewing brands on their star items. I’ll also be on the :How Influencers are Shaping the Beauty Industry” Panel on Tuesday, July 31st from 11-12:30pm.

Cosmoprof was in NYC this week to announce the 11 major beauty trends around the world and also for us to vote the Beauty ID Awards finalists, which I’m also a judge for! You can currently see the finalists HERE, we’ll be announcing the winners at the show. Without further adieu, the 11 major trends from around the world and some of the brands they are currently loving. Some are favorites of mine as well, others I’m new too, since after all that’s one of the greatest parts of going to Cosmoprof, discovering brands:

9 Wishes Foil Feel-Off Mask1. Instagramable Masks

Well this a trend we can’t deny, it put GlamGlow on the map and so many other rubber, 24k gold masks and anything else completely visual. I actually met a really cool sheet mask brand last year at Cosmoprof called, OMG that definitely fits this trend as well — it oxygenates to the point my sheet mask started to foam up like a washing machine with too much detergent from it. So basically it was awesome! For this category Cosmoprof featured 9 Wishes Foil Feel-Off Mask that’s silver and also a K-beauty product (another big trend!). I put it on my face and the first thing I did was Instagram story it, so I’d say it wins the trend!

2. Empowerment

Real Her is a makeup brand which features fun, empowering packaging with sayings like, “I will succeed”, “I am Awesome”, “I Love Myself” and more. I haven’t played with their products yet, but they look amazing!

3. Fast Glam

Bijoux De Pele is actually a really cool brand from Brazil that is making their way to the US! It;s a handmade, waterproof stick on, hypoallergenic adhesive eyeliner, aka a winged eyeliner sticker! If you struggle with eyeliner, here’s your solution. It looks totally real, not like a sticker and super cool! By the end of the night mine did peel a little at the edge but overall, I highly recommend it. My friend that had eyelash extensions struggled a little with it, and weight wise it feels similar to wearing fake lashes, so naturally for me it felt very natural but for some you may feel it.

4. Fermented Brews

Botanic Farm is known for their best selling Cleansing Sherbert which is fame from fermented rice bra, rice and soybean to gently treat skin while removing all traces of makeup. I’m actually really glad this brand was highlighted since it’s been on my radar for a while to try!

5. For Gents Only

The packaging says it all… 18.21 Man Made looks like a plastic whiskey bottle, the 3 in 1 shampoo, conditioner and body wash doesn’t get more dudely. I hate to gender discriminate but there’s something to be said about guys only wanting one product that does it all while women enjoy a routine of at the very least their own shampoo, conditioner and body wash, so I’d say they nailed it. They actually have pretty robust range of hair products with really cool packaging that’s worth a look on their site. I’ll have James try it and report back.

6. Geomoisturization

This is actually a pretty cool idea and I’m curious if it takes off. I met Pour Moi in LA a few months ago but haven’t tried their range yet, although I’m very impressed with the formula, and concept. Basically instead of skin types (dry, oily, normal…) they target based on your environment — are you going to the tropics? Or is it winter where you are? If you travel a lot and between different climates you know the skincare and even foundation you wear may feel weird accordingly, so based on where you are or where you’re going, you use their line accordingly. For instance their Day Cream Climate-Smart Desert moisturizer is for hot and dry climates and features free radical-fighting antioxidants because you’re basically living under the sun and barrier-forming squalane oil and moisture-boosting humectants so your skin is climate proof. Cool, right?

7. Crystal Energy

Crystal energy is something that’s been on my radar, especially with brands like Sjal and their founder recently writing the book, Elemental Energy. For the event, Cosmoprof highlighted O’O Hawaii, a botanical active miracle balm that can be worn day or overnight and is deeply hydrating and protects against free radicals while plumping and soothing.

8. Mindful Beauty

People swear by YUNI Beauty so I’m excited they were featured and hope to meet them at Cosmoprof. I know them for their Shower Sheets which is a power shower in a large wipe that cleanses, refreshes and deodorizes. They had a full range of products though on display at the event and hope to try more of the line!

9. Natural Botox

Isn’t everything? I mega agree with this trend, or rather that every brand is coming out oro marketing products that are a topical botox alternative, which doesn’t really seem possible — so what you’re staying is this cream or serum has the same effect as something you inject to numb a muscle? — maybe not as extreme but a lot of brands are getting botox-like results so we’ll go with it. Spoiler alert it’s usually a product with a lot of hyaluronic acid which pulls moisture in from the air and temporarily plumps fine lines and wrinkles. One of our favorites (and the Kardashian’s!) and Cosmoprof’s featured brand is the infamous Rodial Dragon Blood collection! Cosmoprof featured their Dragon’ Blood Hyaluronic Mask which plumps the appearance of fine lines and ideal for dehydrated skin types.

10. Nature’s Elements

It’s no secret that I’m a HUGE Eleni & Chris so I’m thrilled they were featured! Hailing from the fjords of Norway, give me all that glacier water and +Sea3oil — you can read my extensive review on their skincare products HERE. Funny enough I know they are more famous for their hair care line abroad, and possibly here (they are newer to the US), but I’ve only used their skincare — their Sheet Masks , and literally everything from the line makes my skin glow! Definitely have them on your radar!

11. Under the Sea

It’s nice to see Restorsea back in the game. This is a brand that made a huge splash (pun intended) when it launched with great clinical results and was loved by so many beauty editors and then in my opinion went silent. I almost forgot they were still around until seeing them at the trend event. like Eleni & Chris, they also hail from the fjords of Norway so naturally they are epic.

I hope you all enjoyed and for the brands I look forward to seeing you at Cosmoprof!