Nordic Wonder: Eleni & Chris Skincare

There’s just something about those nordic brands that just get the cold, and winter skin. Hailing from the fjords of Norway, Eleni and Chris products are now available in the US. Their skincare is formulated with their patented +SEA3oil, which is packed with some of the purest omega oil in the world and exclusive Scandinavian Glacier Water to hydrate and ensure optimal moisture for your skin. The glacier water used in their hydration products is the purest of its kind found in the Black Ice Glacier near the Arctic Circle in Scandinavia. Tell me you don’t just want to bath in that water! Their products are also paraben free, clinically tested, dermatologically reviewed, non-irritating and allergy tested.

I’m usually a normal skin type but this winter weather has had me feeling dry and my skin just blah. Since starting this line, and from day 1, I noticed a difference. For anyone that like clean skincare and not a fan of heavy products these are amazing. My skin has been glowing since I started this regimen and my pores non-existent.

Eleni & Chris Cleansing Oil – this felt really nice on the skin, and didn’t have a heavy oil feel like most of the cleansing oils I’ve used. When I was done made my face feel throughly cleansed and took off makeup without that oily feel, and leaves skin so smooth.

Eleni & Chris Face Mist – A winter wonder, so refreshing and boosts moisture. I love as it as a post wash toner or throughout the day when my skin feels dry for some added hydration. It’s a very clean, refreshing mist and makes your skin glow. Great for a pick me up and when your skin needs an extra boost to revive skin and makeup.

Eleni & Chris Hydrating Day Cream for Normal Skin – All of their products have a similar texture which I really enjoy. A lot of hydrating creams can be really heavy and thick, this one however absorbs beautifully into skin without making it feel greasy or slick. It’s enhanced absorption feels like a cup of water quenching skin and it’s a really enjoyable product to use. If you’re a dryer skin type try the Ultra Hydrating Day Cream.

Eleni & Chris Ultra Hydrating Night Cream for Dry Skin – similar to the day cream but silkier and slightly (and I do mean only slightly) heavier, it still manages to absorbs beautifully and effortlessly into skin. Skin feels instantly smooth and lines hydrated and filled in, leaving skin soft and taut.

Eleni & Chris Hydrating Eye Cream – with eye creams you should always pat not rub into eye areas and this is a prize formula for just that. It has a similar watery feel you get from the face creams, only lighter and my eye area just drinks it up in seconds. It’s light but packed with moisture and smoothes lines around the eyes while hydrating the whole area while protecting against free radicals.

Their sheet masks GLOW, DETOX, and HYDRATION are also great for a pick me up! All of them hydrated my skin and made me glow.

On another note, I really love the packaging. Going beyond the aesthetic and their chic logo, all of the products I tried were in conventional pump (like the cleansing oil and mist) and moisturizers in an airless pump packaging, which I’m a big fan of.  It helps release just the right amount of product, and also keeps any moisture, gems, and air out so the formula so it stays in tact. With jar moisturizers you have to careful your hands are clean and you’re not exposing any germs to the formula when you dip your fingers. in.

Eleni and Chris is also known for their hair products which I haven’t tried yet. Learn more at