Karl Lagerfeld + MODELCO Collaboration Launches Today!

The Karl Lagerfeld + MODELCO limited edition collectable beauty collection launches today and features over 50 product including stickers, which I glued onto my @prettyconnectedshop bags launching soon (the chain strap is currently available HERE to create the above masterpiece! I was lucky enough to get my hands on a handful of the collection in advance. Much like my current feelings towards Mr. Lagerfeld, I had mixed reviews over the products. I loved him so much before his negative #metoo stance — why Karl, why? But I’ll leave my recent disappointment out of the review.

Lets start with the lipbalm, $15, available in two shades. One silver packaged, the other pink! If you’re #teamkarl this will be a favorite simply because of the packaging and price. I mean for $15, who doesn’t want this on their desk? Plus the added bonus of a balm inside the head.

Now for the rest of the lip products. There’s a Shade and Sculpt Duo (4 shades), that I haven’t tried but seems more my speed than the other lip products I received. Definitely check those out, I mean how good does a dual sided Shade & Sculpt due sound? As for the lippies, here’s the 411:

Available in 3 finishes, there’s the Lip Lights Liquid Matte Lipstick (8 shades, $28), I tried shade Merengue (swatched left). I wasn’t a fan of the matte liquid lip, it went on like an oil but dried down uncomfortable and felt a little tacky. The other products were much better. Lip Lights Gloss High Shine Lip Gloss (8 shades, $28 each), I tried shade Karl 7, which was a pretty dusted pink (swatched middle), great wear, not too glossy and just very comfortable and pretty on. The last lip product I tried is from the Lip Lights Special Effects Top Coat (4 shades), in shade Camera Flash (swatched right), which I also loved. It smells nice it offers a glittery, glossy top coat that’s very pretty. All of these products come in similar packaging that lights up when you open it and the matte product has a matte Karl (the glosses have shiny Karl heads…) head which I thought was pretty clever.

Next the eye category, which included the Long-Lasting Liquid Liner + Beauty Stamp. There are two versions ($30 each). Both are dual ended and has the liner on one side and then the iconic you can pick from a Choupette (Karl’s iconic cat) stamp or a stamp of the iconic Karl Lagerfeld outline. Face stamps are all the rage right now and I give this an almost 10! The liner is amazing, the Choupette stamp was flawless but for the life of me I could not get the Karl stamp to work. Maybe mine was dried up but I could not get a clean mark so it’s the luck of the draw. The liquid liner though is fabulous! Super black, goes on easy and is one of the best products in the line.

The next product I tried was the Fibre Brush on False Lashes ($40), aka fiber mascara, are those still a thing? I’ve used many in my lifetime and didn’t find this one to be special so I’d recommend trying some of the other mascara’s in the line and skipping this one (plus the packaging isn’t fun…

Lastly I got the Karl Buki Brush ($28), which is a fine kabuki brush. It’s not artistry level but for the price it does the job. My only feedback on this is I wish it either had a cover of Karl’s head was more flat so it could stand up. It’s a chic brush but tough to store. There is a brush set, that’s a 5 piece collection ($54), which I haven’t tried but so cute and easier to sit in a cup or brush holder.

The other items in the collection included additional mascaras, a Choupette eyeshadow palette, Fiber Brow Gel and Crayon Duo, Liquid Luminizer Strobing pen, Luxe Highlight & Glow highlighters, Liquid Glitter Eyeliner Duo and a Minaudiere bag with Mini Kip kit ($195!).

Learn more at modelcocosmetics.com