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Karl Lagerfeld + MODELCO Collaboration Launches Today!

The Karl Lagerfeld + MODELCO limited edition collectable beauty collection launches today and features over 50 product including stickers, which I glued onto my @prettyconnectedshop bags launching soon (the chain strap is currently available HERE to create the above masterpiece! I was lucky enough to get my hands on a handful of the collection in advance. Much like my current feelings towards Mr. Lagerfeld, I had mixed reviews over the products. I loved him so much before his negative #metoo stance — why Karl, why? But I’ll leave my recent disappointment out of the review.

Lets start with the lipbalm, $15, available in two shades. One silver packaged, the other pink! If you’re #teamkarl this will be a favorite simply because of the packaging and price. I mean for $15, who doesn’t want this on their desk? Plus the added bonus of a balm inside the head.

Sparkling into 2017


I can’t believe the year is almost done! 2016 has been a blast. Every year I like to take a day and go through every Instagram and blog post and take a moment to appreciate all the amazing memories I’ve had and shared. I’ve had so many incredible features over the years but being in Real Simple and People StyleWatch were big moments for me! I’ve also added to my sizable list of makeup heroes spending time with the founders of so many top brands ahem Kat Von D, Laura Geller, ColourPop, Ole Henrickson, Charlotte Tilbury… and their celebrity endorsers — Kerry Washington, Courtney Love and Lionel Richie are probably at the top of that list.  And so much travel!!!! Plus my Urban Decay campaign I’m still dying over. Okay, I’ll stop and save the reminiscing for my next post, where I put my highlights down in one post. It’s something I recommend for everyone. Document your moments so each year you can look back at all you’ve accomplished. Be proud of yourself, even in tough times because when you come out the other end those were the moments that made you grateful for what comes next.. and you know that the best is yet to come!  You just have to belive. See you next year… cheers!

Choupette’s Favorite Things

Based on the popular social media handle @choupettesdiary bringing to life the persona of Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette, here’s the 411 on Choupette’s favorite things.


I’m one spoiled pussy and I’m not afraid to admit it. I’m privileged enough to spend indulge in hotels like The Renwick, getting PETicures and shopping. Along the way – between my frivolous spends – I find a thing or two that catches my fancy. These are the bits and baubles that are #ChoupetteApproved:



Parker Thatch Custom Canvas Clutch/Tote– Humans like to have their initials monogrammed everywhere so I’ve taken it a step further and added my face to all my totes. My dear friend Toast (of Toasts Meets World) introduced me to Parker Thatch and now I insist my custom “face monogram” clutch and tote is a must for travel.

Karen Walker Number One Angular Cat Eye Sunglasses – Not all of us are blessed with natural cat eyes so Karen Walker offers humans a second best option with her Number One shades. Daddy Karl Lagerfeld taught me from a young age that sunglasses hides all sins and I’ve never forgotten his wise words.


Daniel Wellington Watch – It’s a blogger’s right of passage to own a Daniel Wellington watch. If you can’t afford a vintage Rolex or a Cartier Tank (which I can), the classic elegance of Daniel Wellington will do.


La Prairie ‘Cellular Radiance’ Perfecting Fluide – If I’m forced to stare at your complexion, I expect gold (figuratively and literally). La Prairie Cellular Radiance Perfecting Fluide is a gold-infused moisturizer that provides instant perfection to the skin while improving texture, tone and elasticity from within. Discoloration is slowed, age spots are lightened and the appearance of large pores is softened. Plus, it looks gorg in your medicine cabinet. Win, win!

Creed Royal Princess Oud – Perfume fit for a royal princess! Spritz Creed Royal Princess Oud when you’re feeling feisty and want to smell like the chateau garden and floral Iris. Daddy gifted me this Oud because of Creed’s rich family history with the intention of teaching me about beauty and fashion history and now I pass the story onto you! Royal Princess Oud is inspired by over twenty volumes of sketch books, revealing a time when the Creeds were steeped in men’s and women’s tailoring in London and marking the first scent born from a century of the family’s couturier history. See… I’m not just a pretty face!


Sisley Paris Mascara So Intense – No matter how many cat naps you take, some of you need a little extra something to brighten those eyes. Sisley Paris’ So Intense Mascara is a volumizing and fortifying mascara that provides both short and long-term results. Launching in April, the unique formula (enriched with vitamin-rich peptides) works to lengthen and thicken your natural eyelashes in just two weeks. Plus, I love anything with a fluffy tail brush!


Here/Now Heather Pompoms Sneakers – It’s no secret that I love anything fuzzy, which is why I immediately gravitated towards Here/Now’s Pompoms Sneakers. While they come in a spectrum of rich shades, all feature a luxe all-suede base and playful poms. Warning! These are not toys.




Renwick Hotel – Once home to working artists’ studios, and later to notable writers and intellectuals, The Renwick takes cues from its former residents and has established itself as a NYC travel destination. The Midtown East boutique hotel was once a residence to authors John Steinbeck and F. Scott Fitzgerald, who would stay for periods ranging from several months to many years. Now, it’s where I go for a creative escape while avoiding the papz  — incase you have as many adoring fans as Daddy and moi.

Daddy Karl Lagerfeld Celebrates Nature with Chanel Couture 2016

Nature: the annoying sound of bird you want to catch chirping and wet grass ruining your perfect pet-icure. Unfortunately for me, Daddy Karl Lagerfeld doesn’t agree with moi and holds the more common opinion that nature is beautiful.

Source: EightySeventhSt.com
Source: EightySeventhSt.com

On Tuesday in Paris, Daddy Karl Lagerfeld presented the spring couture collection dedicated to nature. Environmental sustainability is a reoccurring theme for Daddy; the Chanel spring 2013 presentation featured wind turbines and solar panels. Returning to this homage, this year, the Grand Palais featured a two-story wooden structure surrounded by a garden, made from real grass. No birds or small woodland creatures in sight though.

Source: Vogue

With hair resembling Princess Leia (aka the “Chanel croissant,” coined by hairstylist Sam McKnight) and cat-eye makeup, muse Kendall Jenner led the mod squad down the catwalk. The girl gang included Gigi Hadid wearing a in a gold column dress and cape, Bella Hadid with a loosely tied belt bag around her waist, Lindsey Wixson in silver tweed with voluminous capped sleeves, and other non-muse models. Per usual, Daddy’s male muse Baptiste Giabiconi closed the runway in a golden tweed jacket and patchwork trousers. At the end of the show, the wooden slats of the house opened revealing a gaggle of models and Daddy Lagerfeld, who emerged holding hands with a Chanel bride (My new mommy?).

Source: Vogue

Every look featured the same shoe silhouette in a variety of colors: round-toe cork wedge with a curved heel. Tying in (literally) the eco-friendly theme, fabrics were embroidered with wood shavings, small tiles or patterns of bees, birds and flowers. The common silhouette tying the collection together was long, lean skirts, cut mid-shin and worn with a rounded sleeve jackets or capes.

Source: Vogue

While I was not allowed front row out of fear I’d sunbathe in the grass, Julianne Moore, Kristen Stewart, Lily Collins and Jemima Kirke were front row guests at the Chanel Couture Fall 2015 show. Also, stirring up rumors of my love interest was Leo, Cara Delevingne’s pup who sat obediently in the mod’s lap.

P.S  – While I wasn’t front row, I was there in spirit and my portrait can be spotted as a picture inside Daddy’s tiepin.

See the complete Chanel Spring 2016 collection

Feline-ing the love for Choupette! Check out our AWESOME Press!

One of the great pleasures of my site is helping expand the voice of the beloved social media handle @ChoupettesDiary, the persona behind Karl Lagerfeld’s beautiful, supermodel cat. (Yes, the cat is a supermodel — her day rate rivals all of them). Did we mention she made $3 million in 2014 off 2 modeling jobs.  From Scream Queens to a video POPSUGAR just released above giving us an awesome shout out, to Anna Wintour’s recent remarks, we could not be more proud!

“I have often thought that in my next life, I would like to come back as Choupette, his extremely beautiful and bourgeois cat, who has two maids, a chef, a personal hairdresser and many diamond necklaces.” – Anna Wintour

Us too Anna!

@ChoupettesDiary has a regular column on Pretty Connected that can be viewed HERE.

Choupette’s Diary: Five Things Week Deux



(un) The highly anticipated Mademoiselle Privé exhibit at the Saatchi Gallery is coming to a close. With one week left, it’s your last chance to take a journey through the origins of CHANEL’s creations capturing the charismatic personality and irreverent spirit of Mademoiselle Mommy Chanel and Daddy Karl Lagerfeld.

(deux) While I’d never be caught dead wearing it out of the house the Thync system is my favorite beauty tech gadget. Depending on whether I want to catnap or to chase laser beams, it provides me either calm or energy vibes.

(trois) La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream Sheer is my miracle in a bottle for the fall weather. It is identical in effectiveness as their iconic Skin Caviar Luxe Cream, but in a sheer, satiny texture. Powered by a potent concentration of precious caviar extract and their exclusive Cellular Complex, Skin Caviar Luxe Cream Sheer lifts and firms as it recontours and redefines. Not that I need that extra lift quite yet…

(quatre) Have you heard of high energy healing? Neither had I until Yes and Yes seduced me with it!

(cinq) Yesterday was a sad day for the fashion industry when Raf Simons stepped down from Dior after three-and-a-half years. Hopefully that noncompete agreement won’t leave him twiddling his thumbs for a year.


Chanel Airlines Takes Flight During Paris Fashion Week

People wait before the Chanel 2016 Spring/Summer ready-to-wear collection fashion show, on October 6, 2015 at the Grand Palais in Paris.  AFP PHOTO / FRANCOIS GUILLOT        (Photo credit should read FRANCOIS GUILLOT/AFP/Getty Images)
Daddy Karl Lagerfeld just upped the airport style ante, turning the Grand Palais into a life-size Chanel Airlines terminal. 

 Benoit Tessier/Reuters

At Terminal 2C, flight attendants clad in Chanel assisted hordes of glamorous passengers. While unlikely a regular human TSA agent would don Chanel, I’ll let Daddy do what he does best: create an uber-realistic world where double C’s are emblazoned on every nook and cranny. No tacky jogging-suit sightings. No oversized upcharged luggage. And most importantly, no wailing mini humans.

Choupette’s Diary: Karl Lagerfeld x Tiffany Cooper


As you’ve heard by now, Daddy Karl Lagerfeld has teamed up with illustrator Tiffany Cooper for a collaborative collection,  which is all culminating in the book Karl’s Secrets. The book, is an “improvised biography seen through my eyes,” Cooper told WWD, and takes major events from Lagerfeld’s life and turns them into colorful, kitschy cartoons.

Choupette’s Diary: 10 Lessons I Learned Being InstaFamous


In my short three years, I’ve learned a thing or two (or ten) from humans. Some good and others that have prepared me for the next nine years of life. The most important lessons have come from my internet fame, which was neither planned nor a publicity stunt contrary to popular belief. Since I’m not just beautiful but also wise, I will impart my wisdom on you.

Choupette Takes Over CatCon LA


The cat is now officially out of the bag (Side Note: I’m so over this pun), LA Times announced my first speaking debut at CatCon LA. The first cat lover’s convention will invade The Reef in DTLA next month on Saturday, June 6th and Sunday, June 7th. Part expo, part symposium, CatCon LA showcases the world’s top cat-centric merchandise including furniture, art, toys and clothing for those of you who possess a great love of the feline, as well as conversations with some of the top cat experts in the world.