My Big Announcement! My Camera and Bag Straps Just Launched!

Pretty Connected Camera StrapCamera straps, bag straps and Boss rings. It’s the moment I’ve been waiting a very long time for. I have finally launched my Pretty Connected™ accessories line. While I’ll be focusing on DIY events and brand partnerships (I have some really cool ones coming up!), my first collection is a line of basic straps I want to encourage anyone who purchases to customize. Decorate them with with pins, flat back charms, patches, studs… and have fun! I have spent the last month living at Michael’s and M&J Trimming coming up with really cool DIY ideas for all of you and crafting on my straps.  I’ll be sharing my DIY ideas in blog posts coming soon to help inspire you!

For some inspiration though, these are a few of my favorite quick DIY’s I did over the weekend with my Jamie strap. It’s amazing what a few stars or trimming does for the design.

As some of you know, for the past 4 years I’ve been making my own camera straps since I refuse to look all cute and then wear a big Sony or Canon branded camera strap around my neck. And while there are some alternatives online, I had a hard time finding one that I connected with so I started making my own. And a lot of you have noticed and asked me about them over the years and finally, I got my act together and created a line. I love to travel and accessorize so I want to make camera straps that can easily be switched out based on your mood and outfit. I hinted at the launch last fashion week when I debuted one of the straps I made on the runway for the Livari fashion show I walked in.

Remember when I walked in the Livari fashion show last season?

Which hints, at my next hint… in February I’ll be launching new styles as well chain straps that you can customize with charms. I’m super excited for that and will have announcements soon.

Quick note, the current style will work for any camera style with a Split Ring (ie most Sony Panasonic and mirrorless style cameras). A lot of DSLR cameras have a different hardware, or if you have a point and shoot camera or Instax instant camera’s I have an adaptor that works for those as well.

The Instax above shows the connector on a one-sided camera. In most cases cameras will require two adaptors, one on each side. For lightweight DSLR’s I recommend 1-2 adaptors on each side. While the straps can hold a lot of weight the adaptors are designed for camera’s under 3 lbs.

If you have questions you can email me a photo of your camera at [email protected] but I’ll have videos explaining all of this very soon (don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds). If you carry a huge camera, this isn’t the strap for you, mine are meant for people like me on the go, carrying a small to medium size camera, looking for something fashionable and easy.

boss ringsAlso since I host a lot of women’s networking events and parties, we’re doing BOSS rings. I’ll be debuting the BOSS rings at the BANDLADIES pre-fashion week showroom party I’m hosting. You can find me at the BOSS bar, I’ll share photos with you after the event. I have some other versions of the ring coming out soon as well. I recommend them stacked together or with other rings (see above!). 

Stay tuned for more! Follow us @prettyconnectedshop, check out the website, and show us how you style the strap or work it into your outfit with the hashtag #prettyconnecteddiy

Wish me luck! xoLara