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8 Unexpected Ways to Use Taskrabbit for your Wedding or Next Event + a Promo Code!

Yup, that’s right, Taskrabbit. I literally don’t think I could have planned my wedding without them and undoubtably were the unsung heroes of my wedding. 

As many of you know I planned my wedding in under 2.5 months and in one of the busiest years as everyone (and their mother), who had to wait 2 years during the pandemic was ready to tie the knot. With that I knew every hotel and conventional wedding venue would be booked, and frankly (in case you didn’t notice…), I like to do things my way and wanted to plan something that hadn’t been done before so nothing about a DIY wedding intimidated me. 

DIY Strap + Essie Spring 2018

essie spring 2018 collection includes shades, perfect mate, at the helm, passport to sail, anchor down stripes, and sails bon boy-age

I’ve been having a lot of fun customizing my camera straps with nail polish. In my latest DIY I used my new Nikki silver strap and drizzled the Essie Spring 2018, hook, line and sinker! collection featuring some nautically chic shades including:

  • Anchor Down – pretty blue washed with pewter gray undertones
  • Stripes and Sail – intense teal green
  • Bon Boy-age – a nautical mint green
  • Pass-port to Sail – soft sandy beige lightly splashed in ivory shimmer
  • Perfect Mate – coral pink
  • At the Helm – a fire orange tinged with salmon red

W Hotel Fort Lauderdale was Suite!

{Outfit details: ASTR the Label Jumpsuit, Givenchy boots, Pretty Connected Jamie Camera Strap (DIYed with Crystals), Sub Apollo Sunglasses, Obagi Hat}

We’re off on our Celebrity Reflection cruise, making all local stops: Grand Cayman, Columbia, Aruba, Curacao, and Bonaire. The itinerary is ridiculous — you can follow along my 11 day cruise on Instagram/Instagram Stories @prettyconnected).

We left from Ft. Lauderdale and even though the cruise didn’t depart until 4pm we didn’t want to take any chances with all the spastic weather NYC was having and decided to fly in a night early and stay at the W Ft. Lauderdale. We upgraded to a corner suite with our points since we have status with SPG, and our room was ridiculous!

My Big Announcement! My Camera and Bag Straps Just Launched!

Pretty Connected Camera StrapCamera straps, bag straps and Boss rings. It’s the moment I’ve been waiting a very long time for. I have finally launched my Pretty Connected™ accessories line. While I’ll be focusing on DIY events and brand partnerships (I have some really cool ones coming up!), my first collection is a line of basic straps I want to encourage anyone who purchases to customize. Decorate them with with pins, flat back charms, patches, studs… and have fun! I have spent the last month living at Michael’s and M&J Trimming coming up with really cool DIY ideas for all of you and crafting on my straps.  I’ll be sharing my DIY ideas in blog posts coming soon to help inspire you!

For some inspiration though, these are a few of my favorite quick DIY’s I did over the weekend with my Jamie strap. It’s amazing what a few stars or trimming does for the design.

As some of you know, for the past 4 years I’ve been making my own camera straps since I refuse to look all cute and then wear a big Sony or Canon branded camera strap around my neck. And while there are some alternatives online, I had a hard time finding one that I connected with so I started making my own. And a lot of you have noticed and asked me about them over the years and finally, I got my act together and created a line. I love to travel and accessorize so I want to make camera straps that can easily be switched out based on your mood and outfit. I hinted at the launch last fashion week when I debuted one of the straps I made on the runway for the Livari fashion show I walked in.

Scotch Tape DIY


In the past year my creativity has been shot. I used to have time to scrapbook and do DIY and art projects. Now I’m lucky to get in my 6 hours of sleep. Of which, most of my time slumbering I’m fantasizing about a summer home one day, with space and actual storage potential. My current DIY projects involve how to creatively hide my packages and gift bags from my boyfriend and so when we entertain it doesn’t look like we live in a Sephora sample sale. Earlier this month I stopped by the Scotch tape event and it was so fun to spend a night playing with tape — and not just any tape, but every type the Scotch brand offers and beyond.

The first photo above may seem like a normal office setting but in fact there is a piece of the original Scotch Magic Tape across the keyboard of that laptop to get the dust out of the keyboard (genius, I know!). The tape can also be used on glasses and cups to write your name on with magic marker as well as grided across a vase to make your long stem flowers stand up better — yes I did it myself! Also in the desk I spied some Super Glue which I didn’t even know they made.

Girls Night In: Making Festive Holiday DIY Jars {Sponsored}

DIY JarsI’m always up for a crafts night! And my friend Arykah recently came over with the ladies so we could make decorations for our friends “festive country-theme” party. What’s more country then mason jars, and what’s more holiday then silver, gold and glitter! So with their powers combined we bring you

I SPY DIY (I made a bracelet, Jenni wrote a book!)

I would like to send a big shout out and congratulations to my friend, Jenni! The infamous queen of DIY, (she founded the website ISpyDIY.com) has written her first book, I SPY DIY STYLE. Inspired by looks from the runway, Jenni encourages women to “find fashion you love and do it yourself.”

While trends come and go, especially from the runway this book is great for getting inspiration on how you can use different materials, hardware and paint to make something your own or reinvent a basic.  It’s well laid out with clear direction (and beginner friendly); not too many steps or copy and very visual. My key takeaway was I need to go on a glue spree. There are at least 3 variation of glue I never knew I’ve always needed.

{I SPY DIY STYLE book launch party}

{Besties turn twinsies! Mike and I come to support — with unplanned matching outfits}

{Cheers to Jenni!}

{In deep thought over creating my own custom Lara Eurdolian original DIY bracelets}

{Voila, my bracelets! — clearly DIY is not my forte}

{DIY drinks on the other hand…}

There is a downfall to knowing Jenni (and some of you avid readers may find this as well…) — my favorite DIY project of hers wasn’t in the book! As she would say, “you need to wait for the sequel”, and lets face it, she posts new projects almost daily so she can’t fit them all in. However, since patience is not my virtue, until part duex is written, I’m bookmarking posts from her blog for when I’m ready to get creative! And fortunately for me, I found the recipe for the Rope Wrapped Chain Bracelet I was looking for!

I SPY DIY STYLE by Jenni Radosevich, SRP: $21.99, available on amazon.com ($14.95)