Android users, protect yourself (it’s free!)

Tonight, I joined fitness expert and Bravo TV personality Layla Luciano for an awesome self-defense class in celebration of Security Master, the leading privacy protection, and antivirus app. Protecting yourself and your phone are two pretty important things. One takes work and the other is a simple download. Although if you do get attacked go for the groan and or eyes (my key takeaway of the night!).

Security Master just launched a new privacy and antivirus app to keep your phone safe and your personal matters discreet. Which is great since the whole internet security scare is real! I don’t even like to make online purchases on my phone, I’m so nervous about getting hacked.

Between my photos, passwords and all of my stored credit cards on my phone, it getting compromised is probably one of my worst nightmares. The new app is now available worldwide for free on Android devices (you can download it HERE). It’s a revamped version of the CM Security app, which is the leading privacy protection and antivirus app with almost 500 million downloads and a 4.7 rating (out of 5) on Google Play. The free app can keep you worry-free that everything on your phone is safely secured and protected.

“As Android system and mobile internet usage continues to grow, traditional antivirus apps are no longer sufficient,” said Pan Qi, Vice President of Cheetah Mobile. “Consumers nowadays need a comprehensive, yet scalable product to help them tackle ever-growing internet security threats while catering the basic mobile optimization needs. We hence created Security Master—a product with intelligent, real-time solutions on top of baseline features for a worry-free mobile experience.”

My sentiments exactly.

Security Master provides real-time protection for any Android device and conducts live device diagnostics and recommend solutions. Depending on the diagnosis, Security Master will suggest options from three scenarios: SCAN, which provides malware detection and protection in less than 10 seconds; BOOST, which frees up your memory and boosts speed, and CLEAN, which removes unnecessary junk files.

The Security Master also offers SafeConnect, a feature designed to enhance mobile internet security for all data transmitted across the internet. This includes apps with higher security concerns like Instant Message, Banking, E-Commerce, and Browser. So when apps in these categories launch, SafeConnect takes effect immediately to secure all data transmitted.

The Security Master is free and available on Google Play using this link: