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5 Things You Might Not Know About ClassPass

classpass getawayI remember when ClassPass started. It was the biggest fitness game changer. Instead of paying per class to try different studios and fitness classes, it was one monthly fee and you could go crazy . As expected everyone and their mother signed up and changes to the program had to be made. The pricing structure changed and so did the perks, many of which I missed the memo on since as of New Years Day I put my membership on hold when I found that I’d be averaging 2-3 trips a month and didn’t think it made sense for me to join any fitness program in NYC. Big Mistake… HUGE! Fast forward to this past weekend when I had the honor of joining ClassPass for their first “ClassPass Getaway” in the Hamptons and not only learned that memberships are valid all over the country and world — but also they are now offering wellness and beauty services. So basically quitting in the new year was a mistake considering everything below they rolled out in 2018. So Here we go, 5 things I didn’t know about ClassPass…ClassPass Hamptons Getaway

  1. You’re membership is global. We just covered that, but that’s huge for travelers! How fun is that you can pick up a class when you’re in LA or Australia alike at no additional charge!
  2. ClassPass Getaways – you need to sign up for the mailing list right now! Let me break this down for you. For 15 credits (which probably equates to $30) and included round trip transportation from NYC to the Hamptons for a day of workout classes and fun. Three classes to be exact: Arms, Abs and Ass class with Heath Anderson, founder of New York Pilates, dance class with Witney Carson from Dancing with the Stars, and a class with the Mile High Run Club. There was also pool for guests to enjoy, massages, braid bar and spa services by Red Door Spa, beverages from Core Water and Pressed Juicery, photobooth by MirMir… and probably the most epic gift bag. You should probably get on the mailing list for the next one, it sells out in seconds.
  3. They now have wellness, spa and hair services. I’m talking cyrotherapy, massages, blowouts and so much more! This is currently in testing in NYC only, but lets rock it out so I can use it globally! You know how much I love me my blow-outs.
  4. ClassPass Live is a newer service which offers at-home workout options. It’s $15/month and they offer a free trial on the site.
  5. ClassPass Go which is a free trainer-let audio workouts, just download the app and choose from 600+ free classes in HIIT, yoga, running and more by world renowned trainers.

7 Ways to AMP up your Energy in Minutes

I always think it’s so funny when people think I have a lot of energy. Yes, I’m driven and active with a lot of events and projects but that’s all the more reason why I’m so conscious of how I take care of myself and also what I put in my body. AMP Energy Organic is an USDA-Certificated organically caffeinated energy drink that’s offers the perfect afternoon pick me up. Available in four flavors, Pineapple Coconut, Citrus, Grape and Tropical Burst, it tastes so good (Tropical Burst and Citrus are my favorites)!

amp energy drinkI’ve partnered with AMP Energy Organic to share my tips on how I boost my energy to keep my stamina up when I start to feel sluggish.

1. Be conscious of your caffeine type – I can do coffee in the AM but try to slow down by the afternoon. Other energy drinks have ingredients you can’t pronounce mixed into their caffeinated beverages that aren’t good for you. Instead opt for an organically caffeinated AMP Energy that balances energy with simpler ingredients. Each beverage has only 5 ingredients: Organic Caffeine, Organic Cane Sugar, Citric Acid, Carbonated Water and Natural Flavors.

2. Power play – Charlie (my pup) and I do sprints throughout the day when I’m feeling low energy. We run full speed down the street and back to get our heart rates going and our blood pumping. Jumping jacks for a minute or a quick cold shower are also great power plays to boost blood flow. If you’re feeling adventurous, try Cryotherapy.

3. Supplements –From natural root powders (I love Dope Naturally) to Vitamin B blends (B12 and B6 are my favorites), that help the body convert food into glucose, which gives you energy. Investing in some good energy powders and capsules are great for the mind and body.

4. Monitor your sleep – Sleep and its correlation to energy fascinates me. I use a BeautyRest SleepTracker to make sure I’m getting the 7-8 hours I need to be a functional human being. Any good tracker looks at your breathing rate, heart rate as well how long you’re asleep for and breaks down your light sleep, REM and deep sleep. When you’re more aware of how you’re sleeping and how you feel the next day you’re able to take control of it and make adjustments to give your body what it needs.

5. Aromatherapy – There’s isn’t a shortage of essential oil boosting energy lifts, including orange, lemon, ginger, eucalyptus, cedarwood, grapefruit, mint, basil and many more. Personally I like the Focus Essential Oil Blend from 21 Drops. It comes in a roller-ball and mixes peppermint, rosemary, frankincense and jojoba that help perk me up.

6. Fun people – this may sound funny (and granted not a tip you can usually make happen in minutes), but whenever I’m feeling really low energy I push myself to meet up or work around my friends. Not the ones that suck the life out of me, but the ones that whether we’re going for a walk or out to dinner, we just laugh the whole time. It’s always those nights when I expect to stop by for 30 minutes that I find myself getting lost in time when I’m around good energy. And it’s contagious. Sometimes getting out for a bit helps me come home and be more productive than had I stayed home in front of my computer the whole time.

5 Super Fan Lady Date Ideas that are Winter Weather Friendly

Baby, it’s cold outside… and minus hitting the bar or picking out a fab new brunch spot I have five fun (depending on your definition) indoor activities that make for the perfect lady date. These are specific to NYC but most cities have comparable options!

1. Hit the Spa – Call it a cliche but it’s so not over-rated!  I recently blew off a Friday afternoon and went to Oasis Spa with my friend Milly (check out her blog!) — that’s us above, don’t we look relaxed? IT WAS THE BEST! She got a Swedish Massage and I got a Deep Tissue and the only thing we couldn’t agree on is who had a better time. Hands down the perfect way to end the week and so relaxing. We both really needed the down time and girl hang. I’ve been to Oasis several time and it’s never disappointed.

Neil Patrick Harris Want You to Get a Checkup

Cigna Health Insurance is encouraging everyone to get an annual checkup and they are using TV doctors to do it in their amazingly hilarious campaign, Cigna’s TV Doctors of America. The line up includes Neil Patrick Harris, Patrick Dempsey, Kate Walsh, Donald Faison and Jane Seymour (where my ER doctors at?), they’ve saved lives on TV and now they are trying to do just the same in real life.

According to the CDC, if everyone in America gets the preventative care they need, more than 100,000 lives would be saved (more on the stats/campaign HERE).

To help spread the message Neil Patrick Harris hosted a fitness class yesterday let by his personal trainer, Alex Dropo at NYSC Lab in Chelsea. Neil opened with some remarks about his family and how important it is for him stay in good health and be a role model and encouraged the furthered Cigna’s message about getting annual check-ups and taking control of your own health. From there the workout class commenced and both Alex and Neil thoroughly kicked my a$$… All I can say is Neil Patrick Harris is in insane shape. I was lucky enough to be in his 4 person group for the second half of the class, which admittedly I tried to back out of because I have zero upper body strength (I’m more of a cycler/runner). I powered through though thanks to Neil and the group that gave me tips, kept our energy up and helped push me through it.

Android users, protect yourself (it’s free!)

Tonight, I joined fitness expert and Bravo TV personality Layla Luciano for an awesome self-defense class in celebration of Security Master, the leading privacy protection, and antivirus app. Protecting yourself and your phone are two pretty important things. One takes work and the other is a simple download. Although if you do get attacked go for the groan and or eyes (my key takeaway of the night!).

Security Master just launched a new privacy and antivirus app to keep your phone safe and your personal matters discreet. Which is great since the whole internet security scare is real! I don’t even like to make online purchases on my phone, I’m so nervous about getting hacked.

Between my photos, passwords and all of my stored credit cards on my phone, it getting compromised is probably one of my worst nightmares. The new app is now available worldwide for free on Android devices (you can download it HERE). It’s a revamped version of the CM Security app, which is the leading privacy protection and antivirus app with almost 500 million downloads and a 4.7 rating (out of 5) on Google Play. The free app can keep you worry-free that everything on your phone is safely secured and protected.

Thank you haters!

thank you haters shirt

I’m a big Six:02 fan, they curate some of the best workout gear from brands like Fenty, Puma, Ivy Pary, Adidas, Nike and some more indie fitness brands. Their latest campaign “Thank You” — or rather “Thank You Haters!” features actress Bella Thorne thanking “haters” who have motivated her to be her best.

As a part of the campaign, SIX:02 will debut an exclusive line of “Thank You” tanks and hats with a portion of proceeds donated to Step Up, supporting the organization’s efforts to propel girls from under-resourced communities and empowering them to become confident, college-bound, career-focused, and ready to join the next generation of professional women.

Just do it…


The start of a new year is always a time of reflection for me. I’m more about making goals then resolutions, and looking for ways to better myself. I’ve been traveling so much I’ve fallen off my workout schedule, so now that I’m home I’m hoping to get back into a routine. And I’ve been making a cautious effort to be more active during the day.


Outfit details (all available at JCP):

Nike Solid Leggings

Xersion Mesh t-shirt

Xersion Studio Long-Sleeve Full-Zip Hoodie (on sale!)

Skinny Start 2 Week Fitness Challenge


Like the rest of the world I have some fitness goals for the new year which is why I’m partnering with POPSUGAR to take their January Jump-Start Challenge. It’s a 2-week plan that’s all about you and a ‘clean’ diet with meal recipes and at-home workout plan. While I won’t be following it to a tee — I’m a vegetarian and am also never giving up coffee… I am committing to not drinking alcohol and eating healthy. I’m also permanently keeping my yoga matte, jump rope, stretch band and foam roller in my living room to keep me motivated. Also my weights, which are 8 lbs each, which conveniently is how much Charlie weight so I may be redefining puppy aerobics.

Reebok x Gigi Hadid x Blueprint Cleanse


Outfit details:

Reebok Dance Strappy Bra ($50)

Reebok Cardio Pinnacle Tight ($90)

Reebok Studio Reflective Jacket ($350)

Reebok Hayasu Reflective sneakers ($90)

Cleanse: BluePrint 3 day Foundation


After last weeks trip to North Carolina I was a mess. My stomach was over traveling. I was feeling puffy like you don’t even know from my unstoppable salt intake (I blame my soy sauce addiction), and I was in no way feeling any type of bikini ready for my trip to Cancun. Truth be told back to back traveling is exciting but it takes a mega toll on your body, and if I’m being honest my stomach has been in knots since the election which hasn’t helped anything. My body does not handle stress well. This is my first weekend back in NY for the foreseeable future and I decided to take advantage of it. Cleanse, workout and sleep (in between the massive amount of work I had to get done). I did the 3 day Blueprint Cleanse which I usually do every year (but need to upgrade to every 3-6 months). Full review below! My friends at Six:02 also hooked me up with Reebok’s HOT new Perfect Never” collection featuring Gigi Hadid — she looks amazing in the campaign boxing and being fabulous like she does. I haven’t been working out lately because of all the traveling and whenever I break my habits, I have such a hard time getting back into it! Having actual time this weekend and this sick outfit and beautiful weather definitely helped kick my a$$ back into running and more importantly stretching.

Daylight Savings Health and Wellness Tips

This post is sponsored in partnership with Beautyrest Brand. Opinions and tips are my own.


The most common question I get from my followers is ‘how do you do it? Followed by some reference on how they feel exhausted just from watching my life on Instagram. Albeit I have an active life, filled with events and tons of travel but the go-go-go lifestyle does take its toll; which is why balance is so important. In fact whenever I’ve interviewed a famous athlete, celebrity or someone whose lifestyle seems crazier than mine by ten fold, I always ask their best tips on how to de-stress and stay centered and consistently the answer is sleep. Having enough quality sleep is the first step to any healthy lifestyle and feeling well rested and ready for the day to come. It’s vital to your mental and physical health, yet sadly enough, one third of Americans (33%) say it’s been 6 months or longer since they last woke up feeling energized. I for one am more likely to be short fused and off center if I’m sleep deprived. It’s like suddenly the glass is half empty instead of full and I’m dragging instead looking forward to the day.


With Daylight Savings (November 6th) just around the corner, I’m so excited to be partnering with my friends at Beautyrest Brand to share my best tips on how you can take steps towards a healthier lifestyle and feel more rested in one hour or less.