Laura Geller 20th Anniversary Collection

The magic of Laura Geller continues! For the celebration of the brands 20th anniversary, she’s roaring in those 20s with the most unicorn envy, flapper worthy, limited edition collection. Inspired by the glitz and glam of the Roaring Twenties, (she even sent me a flapper-esque tiara, could you die?!) this launch is absolutely swoon worthy. Along with her covetable new collection, Laura’s got a lot to celebrate. She started off in the industry as a Broadway and celebrity makeup artist until she decided to launch her own line, Laura Geller Beauty, to bring her professional techniques to the masses. Additionally, Forbes dubbed her ‘The OG of Highlighting‘ (Sorry Becca) when her Contour and Highlight Kit debut in 1997 earning her the title of the longest standing beauty founder in QVC history. Her brand has successfully continued to grow and expand, so a major congratulations is in order. Also I really just love her as a person, she’s the real deal and a total inspiration.

The limited edition 20th Anniversary Collection includes a Diamond Dust Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator and Illuminating Stick duo, Color Luster Lip Gloss, two Pucker Up Shine 3 piece Lipstick kits, and two foundations, which are currently available on There’s also an exclusive 20 Shades of Celebration baked eyeshadow palette that will be launching soon on QVC.

Diamond Dust Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator ($26)

This highlighter will have you feeling some kind of magical unicorn with it’s holographic and luminous glow. It’s innovate hybrid texture applies like a powder, but feels like a cream, giving you an incredibly pigmented translucent glow. I’m obsessed with this product, it was literally love at first swatch and the most unicorn like highlighter I’ve seen on the market. The mesh of the white and pink highlight although on my face I mostly see the pink is everything! I use it on my cheekbones and as an eyeshadow.

Diamond Dust Easy Illuminating Stick ($26)

In addition to the Baked Gelato Swirl, the collection included a highlighting stick, that offers a slightly less pigmented pearlescent glow, perfect for a subtle daytime glow. Usually I think cream sticks would be more dramatic but this is pleasantly under the radar but buildable. You can see the difference in the swatches below. Left to right Swatches is the: Gelato Swirl Illuminator, Color Luster Lip Gloss, and then Diamond Dust Illuminating Stick.

Color Luster Lip Gloss ($21)

Infused with light reflecting pearls, this super sparkly lip gloss in the shade ‘City Lights’ is an update of their infamous classic sparkling lip gloss. Re-released in celebration of their 20th anniversary, this gloss is great for layering on top of your favorite lip color for a boost of sparkle and shine. This was hard to shoot but it’s all different glitter shades, not just gold.

20 Shades of Celebration Baked Eyeshadow Palette

Sparkle and smolder with these 20 different shades of beautiful baked mineral eye shadows. What’s great about this palette is that each column is arranged in complementary shade families, eliminating the guesswork. There’s a color for everybody in this collection which includes nudes & browns, roses, grays & blues, lilacs & purples, as well as bronzes and blacks. Tip: for increased pigment, wet your eyeshadow brush before application. This palette is coming soon exclusive to QVC!

Pucker Up Shine Lipstick 3 Piece Kit ($32) available in PINK and NUDE

These incredibly high-shine and buttery lipsticks are available in two different color kits: Pinks and Nudes. Layer them for a custom look or wear them alone for a light and subtle look. They are CREAMY!!!!!!! And when I say high-shine, I’m not kidding, just look at the luster in the photos below. Amazing for dry skin and so hydrating!

Pinks Swatches above (left to right): Pink, Petal, Rose

The three PINK Set lipstick shades includes:

Pink: a vibrant pink

Petal: a bright fuchsia

Rose: a light pink

Nudes Swatches above (left to right): Violet, Vanilla, Lavender

Violet: a golden nude

Vanilla: a warm beige

Lavender:  warm nude

Just look at that shine!!!!!!!!!

Also included in the launch are two foundations and bronzers called Laura’s Star Performers which are available in colors medium and fair. I haven’t tried them yet but they look dreamy.

All of these limited edition products are now available at and with the exception of the eyeshadow palette, which is coming soon and will be exclusive through QVC.