Pillow Talk

If there are two pillows in this world I feel like you should know about it’s the M Cushion Shiatsu by Jay Godfrey and Night Pillow. One is a massager that effortlessly blends in with your accent pillows thanks to their exclusive designs by designer Jay Godfrey. And the other is a memory foam pillow that offers the ultimate support and comfort on your spine and neck and multiple hair and skincare benefits because of it’s silk cover. More below on what makes these my current must haves!

M Cushion Shiatsu by Jay Godfrey – This pillow is my world, you can use it sitting up, lying down to target any part of your body or rest your feet on it for the ultimate foot massage. It features 4 heated massage nods that work those knots and tight muscles. Their exclusive designs by designer Jay Godfrey make them blendable into any home decor, you can even change the pillow-case as seen above should your interior change. I have a bulky massage hiding under my bed, and now with the M Cushion can get rid of the old one and just blend this into my home. Also with other I needed to lay on it and having the flexibility to sit up or lie down with it is a major game changer.

Night Pillow – Probably one of my best beauty tips is to stop sleeping on cotton. Invest in some silk pj’s and at the very least a silk pillowcase or go completely next level with the Night Pillow.  It’s a magical memory foam pillow offers so much support for your neck and spine and it’s wrapped in a silk cover. So why does that matter? Cotton can be abrasive on your skin and hair, while silk helps minimize wrinkles because you’re resting and rubbing your face on smooth, silky surface, it also wicks moisture so it’s not soaking up your skincare products. Instead it’s keeping it on your skin where it needs to be to work. Silk also has hair benefits from reducing split ends by being gentle on strands to helping preserve that blowout and shiny hair so bedhead is not in your future. The Night Pillow is also hypoallergenic! You can see my more in depth review from this previous post! I’m not sure if this code still works from when I did my original review but you can try my discount code: prettyconnected20 for 20% off any purchase on their site, discovernight.com