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Pillow Talk

If there are two pillows in this world I feel like you should know about it’s the M Cushion Shiatsu by Jay Godfrey and Night Pillow. One is a massager that effortlessly blends in with your accent pillows thanks to their exclusive designs by designer Jay Godfrey. And the other is a memory foam pillow that offers the ultimate support and comfort on your spine and neck and multiple hair and skincare benefits because of it’s silk cover. More below on what makes these my current must haves!

You’re sleeping on a silk pillowcase, right?

REVIEW: NIGHT Silk Pillowcase. Use code: prettyconnected20 for 20% off your purchase

night-silk-pillowBy now I hope all of you are sleeping on silk pillowcases. Cotton is just too abrasive for all of you stomach, side and back sleepers. From your face to your hair consider the effect of a cotton pillowcase vs. silk. Makes sense, right? One has a smooth glide and the other soaks up product and is so much harsher on skin and hair.

We’ve talked about this subject before so none of this should come as a shock, considering it’s something ever beauty expert from dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and hairdressers agree on.

My latest discovery is NIGHT, a line of new beauty pillow that moisturizes your skin and your hair in your sleep while compressing to your head. NIGHT is a hypoallergenic silk (machine washable) fitted pillow case on top of a unique oxygenated memory foam that self-adjusts to exactly the way that YOU sleep. The timing of this pillow was perfect since my physical therapist added a memory foam pillow to my list of products I need to get (up there with a whole slew of workout bands). This marries the two needs, and I feel like complete royalty snuggling up to my Night pillow.