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New Bed, New Beginnings

It’s official… James and I are homeowners! And while we can’t wait to paint and decorate, we’re perfectly content to announce that the only piece of furniture we own in our new house is this King size Nectar bed and grey Headboard (which is currently on sale!). And it’s such a relief to be in such an open, quiet space and to zen-out in this incredibly comfortable mattress. And for once in our adult life we’re going to take our time to furnish and paint. The only non-compromise. Good sleep.

If you’re bed shopping, save this post! Nectar makes high quality and incredibly  affordable mattresses ranging from $399 – $999 (well below their competitors), and currently includes pillows, sheets, and a mattress protector with every mattress purchase!

They also offer an unheard of 365 Night sleep trail and Forever warranty! Crafted from premium materials, the quilted gel memory foam and cooling cover distributes weight evenly and with full support. I didn’t feel James or our pup Charlie move the entire night. Between the quiet and this mattress, It feels like heaven.

Get the most current discount! Use Code: PrettyConnected at check out on nectarsleep.com for their most current and best discount. For November they are offering $399 worth of accessories with every mattress Sheet set, mattress protector & 2 Premium pillows)!

 Disclaimer: Mattress and bed frame were gifted. Opinions are my own

Office Makeover

Nourison Kamala Area Rug

Happy Fall everyone! I don’t know about you but I blinked and summer was over. I spent most of mine traveling for work and after a very busy season, I’m so ready for some normalcy and to transform my space. I somehow let my apartment get over-run by packages and turned my living room/office into a mini warehouse for my accessory line to do shipments. One of my big goals for fall is  to take back my apartment. I started with the office since I desperately need a welcoming space to work out of when I’m home.

Nourison Kamala Area Rug
Nourison Kamala Area Rug

I wanted something to match my white desk and red organizer so after stalking Nourison’s website, I found my perfect one (their Instagram page is also great for inspo). They have a great assortment of carpets at all budgets and styles. I found so many I wanted the toughest part was choosing what decor style I wanted to go with.

Nourison Kamala Area Rug

Ultimately I picked the Nourison Kamala Area Rug, it had all the characteristics I was going for, colorful but not too loud and a dose of red to compliment the filing cabinet. There’s always a hesitation with ordering anything online, but the carpet was exactly as pictured, high quality and made my space! I spent a fortune on my previous carpet and we had a higher budget when looking at the site, which had a range or rugs from $300 to upwards of $3,000, but this $299 carpet (full price and included free shipping) won us over. For a 5.25 x 7.25 ft carpet with this quality, I’m really impressed! Two things not to forget when ordering a carpet, 1) measure your area, don’t guess!, 2) Don’t forget the rug pad! Ordering them at the same time makes your life so much easier.

Nourison Vintage Kashan Ivory Area Rug

They also sell a great assortment on Overstock! I was originally going to do my living room first and was debating between this Nourison Vintage Kashan Ivory Area Rug (on sale for $132), the Moroccan Marrakesh Cream Fringe Shag rug (on limited time sale from $847 to $310!) and Moroccan Casbah Run (originally $882, now $300). The super sale ends in 3 days so I need to high-tail it to organize the living room and keep the renovation going. The whole assortment of Nourison carpets on Overstock can be found HERE, which is definitely worth a peruse. But I screen shot the ones I have my eye on, I actually really need to get back onboard with Pinterest. It feels like forever since I used it.

Nourison Moroccan Marrakesh Cream Fringe Shag rug on overstock
Nourison Moroccan Marrakesh Cream Fringe Shag rug

Nourison Moroccan Casbah Run

As you can see I have very eclectic/conflicting taste when it comes to picking a decor style! If you have any great tips or inspiration pages send them my way. xoLara @prettyconnected

Pillow Talk

If there are two pillows in this world I feel like you should know about it’s the M Cushion Shiatsu by Jay Godfrey and Night Pillow. One is a massager that effortlessly blends in with your accent pillows thanks to their exclusive designs by designer Jay Godfrey. And the other is a memory foam pillow that offers the ultimate support and comfort on your spine and neck and multiple hair and skincare benefits because of it’s silk cover. More below on what makes these my current must haves!

Apartment Therapy

apartment items

Maybe it’s the coming of a new year, but every since getting back from Australia, all I want to do is throw everything out and start from scratch with my apartment. I’m obsessing over white and just the need to make everything feel more open in my apartment. In my online bargain hunt here are a few pieces that caught my eye!

A Holiday Peak from the Jonathan Adler Showroom

Jonathan adler couch

To use the term ‘eye candy’ when visiting the Jonathan Adler showroom/corporate office doesn’t even begin to describe the aesthetic haven you experience. Rich tones, bold patters and incredibly accents. I was there a few months ago for their fall/holiday preview and just received their latest catalog which showcased many of the interiors I saw in the office.

Living Room Upgrade

Since James moved in with me and got a wood shop, we’ve been all about revamping our apartment. With it being summer, we updated our throw pillows and took off the radiator cover and stripped down the paint on the pipes and James built some shelves for some extra storage over it. And I ordered a massive white rug which I feel like is the last major piece I really needed to revamp my living room before focusing on painting.


Lets be honest, if I had my way, my living would look like a girly parlor room but since James shot that down, I’ve been leaning more towards a modern and open aesthetic with some vintage elements while he’s more into  a natural, woodsy/loft look — which I like as well but don’t think we have the layout for. Given that we have light floors, which neither of us are a fan of and our different wants we’ve had to compromise a bit. We’ve spent hours on Pinterest pinning any image that we both like on Pinterest (it’s the best place to get inspired and channel your creativity!) and  have a special board called Apartment Inspiration. I’m also incredibly inspired by my friend Leah, who works in interiors so I’m always asking her questions and checking out her recommendations — I mean look at her apartment… I just want her to design my entire space with her aesthetic.

bedroom inspiration

apartment inspiration

This weekend we stopped by Ace Hardware to check out the paint assortment from Clark+Kensington, which is their exclusive in-store paint brand. Their website is awesome and great for getting ideas for remodeling and painting. Our current debate is if we should paint all of the walls or just do an accept wall in the back and leave the rest white.

Whats New at HomeGoods + Mindy Weiss Tips for Entertaining


Now that the sun is ready to shine and spring really has spring it may be time to spruce up your apartment (and update that patio furniture). Recently, I joined HomeGoods for a tour of some of their latest spring/summer offerings all styled by Mindy Weiss. Lots of color in the mix and HomeGoods is definitely going in a more modern direction. I’m especially in love with how beautifully set the dining room table is. It’s so festive and joyous just looking at it. 

What’s New at the MoMA Design Store for Spring!

Moma design store spring 2014 collation

As I make way for some good ol’ fashion spring cleaning (which means a great excuse to do some spring shopping), one of the best places to shop for refresher pieces and gifts is at the MoMA Design Store — especially with Mother’s Day around the corner!  

Coffee Break with Kenneth Cole to Celebrate his New Book #30YRSBOLD

This is a Kenneth Cole Production bookIf you’ve walked by any Kenneth Cole store recently, you’ll notice in the windows large decals with the hashtag, #30YRSBOLD. That’s right, friends the brand is celebrating their 30 years of existence. And what better way to document the three decades then with a book.

Kenneth Cole, Lara Eurdolian

Last week, I joined Kenneth Cole for a cup of extremely fancy coffee — an artist actually drew a picture of John Lennon

Touring HomeGoods with Genevieve Gorder

photo 1

Ready to makeover your apt? I am — no literally, I am! Having just moved into a new space, I’ve been racking my brain over what color to paint the walls, what aesthetic I want to curate for each from. And from there I need to find the actual furniture and accents. In tandem with my recent decor struggles, HomeGoods previewed some of their home furnishing in an event hosted by HGTV’s Genevieve Gorder!

photo 2

Having recently conducted a survey concluding home décor specifically impacts mood amongst Americans, HomeGoods partnered with Genevieve to create “Happy Home Resolutions” a.k.a. simple, yet cost-effective modifications to home décor that can make your home a happier place. Now if only I could buy each room on the spot, my furnishing woes would be over (I never has much luck at my local HomeGoods finding all the amazing pieces they show at these previews — although I always get some great finds). I can’t wait for the day they sell online!