Healthy Body from the Inside out: My Top Supplements

bose-fitness-postYesterday, I got a very flattering text from my little brother saying I was ripped! And looking at this picture I can see why (mind you reaching your hands up does wonders for your definition).  I felt really good getting such a nice compliment since in all honesty, I’ve been feeling quite sluggish and out of it lately. I’ve only just started getting back into running and I’ve been so busy I’ve been completely off my work-out game. I’m traveling every weekend for the next 3 weeks and it’s been a repeat pattern of the past 2 months where my schedule is so wonky I can’t get into a routine. In fact carrying Charlie everywhere with me has been my new workout.hum-nutricion-beauty-dust-aloha-thin-tea

Since I talk a lot about working out and fitness in general, I wanted to spotlight some of the supplements I have on rotation. What I like about all of these is they are healthy and gentle on the system. They don’t make me feel sick the way vitamins sometimes do and can be taken together or individually without side effects. None of them are diet pills or laxatives but help keep my body – from my waist to my skin and hair – clean and some extra nutrients to compliment my diet and also beauty products I use topically. 

  1. Hum Cleanse To The Rescue – A 21 day detox program that includes 21 packets of 4 supplements you take daily to help promote clear, radiant skin and a flatter stomach. Each packet includes 2 Daily Cleanse tablets and 2 Flatter Me tablets (which can also be purchase separately). I was taking the Flatter Me on it’s own before doing the packets and the addition of Cleanse is awesome. Also no diet change is necessary which is my kind of cleanse!
  2. Aloha Daily Good Greens – Mix with 8 oz of water (or in your smoothie, juice or beverage of choice), one packet includes your daily need of fruits and veggies. I stay away from desserts for the most part and am a healthy eater but my downfall is I’m a complete carb-aholic. So I like to add in some guaranteed greens to help boost me up. There are several flavors: original, berry and chocolate — the taste is to be acquired, it’s a little bland but tastes healthy.
  3. Moon Juice Beauty Dust – It’s not a trip to LA for me without a stop at Moon Juice for some absurdly delicious and painfully expensive juice. They expanded in the last year to now offer a range of “Dust” powders available in – Beauty, Brain, Sex, Goodnight and Spirit Dust. I’ve only tried the Beauty Dust so far, 1 tsp in 8oz of water which packs a medical grade formula to increase collagen and silica production for a more glowing complexion, glossier hair and brighter eyes.
  4. The Ozzys seem to have the lead on the whole tea detox system. Either that or it just so happens Flat Tummy Tea and Thin Tea are both Australian companies. Both work similarly that they come in a two-pack tea, one to be taken in the AM to help boost your energy and speed up your metabolism, the other in the PM to help you cleanse and digest food better so you feel less bloated. I did a full review on Flat Tummy Tea HERE. Thin Tea is basically the same thing and both have been awesome for de-bloating. I do these in phases for 1-2 weeks post traveling or when I’ve just been a terrible eater and need to reboot.