Beating the Bloat: Flat Tummy Tea Review


Being bloated sucks! I know I’m slender and usually in shape, but after three weeks in LA, and doing both weekends of Coachella I was feeling the effects of major vacation bloat. I blame my beer, fast-food and salted popcorn diet.

{Behold the dreaded bloat!}

It didn’t help that while I was there the May issue of People StyleWatch came out featuring me in a bathing suit. I had shot the campaign in February when I was in my ultra-healthy, workout mode. But alas, the only real exercise I got in the two weeks away was the walk to and from the music festival. Truth be told under a loose tee shirt all looked good under the hood but by the second weekend the last thing I wanted to do at the pool parties was be in bikini. And my crop tops were buried at the bottom of my suitcase.

By the time I got home I was ready to get back on track and try Flat Tummy Tea. I had seen them all over social media and with all of the health benefits of their teas I was ready to detox!


Before anyone asks, Flat Tummy Tea is not a weight-loss supplement! It’s an all natural, herbal detox cleanse system designed to get rid of bloating and offer a daily energy boost. I mean… no one likes that bloated and sluggish feeling and this tea tackles that!

There are two teas in the program. One for the morning, and the other for the evening (every other night) which both feature all natural herbal ingredients to help reduce bloating. The ACTIVATE tea is for the AM and is also designed to help speed up your metabolism and boost energy, while CLEANSE for the PM, which is a cleanse system that helps stimulates digestion so you wake up feeling less bloated. It also helps keep you regular — nothing crazy though, no craps or side effects. It’s super gentle and if you’re already a regular person you won’t even notice a change. It just keeps your digestive system and body on track.


Both teas come in a loose leaf packet and are really refreshing and nice! They are both very soothing with a pleasant minty taste with sweet after notes.

It was hard enough transitioning out of vacation and music festival mode and I was feeling a little slugging and unmotivated I returned home. The tea is effective regardless if you plan on making lifestyle changes, whether it be your diet or going to the gym. And it totally helped me kick bloats ass! I saw and felt a difference within a few days of being back in NY when I was too preoccupied catching up on emails and writing to leave the house and workout. Although since using it for the past few weeks has definitely helped me start prioritizing myself and my body to get me back on track. And if you noticed on social or saw me in person recently you know my crop tops have been getting some love again.



If you’ve been thinking about going on the Flat Tummy Tea cleanse, I hope this review helped. It’s definitely the best detox I’ve ever done. There are no eating directions or workout routines as part of the program, only a cup of the AM tea daily and PM tea every other night. Just make sure to stick with it and let me know if you try it! xoLara

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