The 90s Now: Chokers, Teva’s, Fanny packs?


{Outfit Details: Member’s Only Iconic Racer Jacket (on sale!), Double Agent Salty Hair Big Waves Tee, Rag & Bone Jeans (similar), LeSportsac Hand Free Wallet, Teva Universal Flatform Sandal}

I’ve been thinking a lot about the 90s recently. It’s pretty hard not to when Teva’s are everywhere and every themed event you attend is the 90s and your mailers are filled with Ring Pops and scrunchies (a brand even sent me the first season of 90210). I’m all about embracing my childhood and reliving it but with a modern twist. I bought my first pair of Teva’s in middle school, and still can’t believe I’m all about them and platforms again. And while I love that decade, I do think we need some updates so I thought I’d break down some of my best pointers starting with… DO NOT buy a black choker. Instead get a piece of black ribbon, tie it around your neck and call it a day! It will fit better and cost under $1.


Know how to work a fanny pack – I have seen some cute ones on the market and am obsessed with Hands Free Wallet crossbody I doubled as a fanny pack from LeSprotsac. It’s so lightweight and holds everything I need (built in wallet, phone, lipstick, eyeliner), although I’ll admit I usually wear it more to the side or back. Between having surgery for a herniated disc two years ago and the fact that usually my dog, phone or a drink occupies my hands, not dealing with a purse is kind of amazing! Also backpacks keep continuing to grow in popularity which I’m all for as well.

members-only-jacket-blue-lesportsacGo for the gold! While it was all about the gold digital watches back then, now with cell phones who uses a watch for anything but arm candy? Not me, and I own a million. I finally found my perfect gold watch this year with this Henry London Chiswick Bracelet Watch. The majority of my watches are mens (James and I actually share the collection) and this one is a found new addition to the family. Especially since their watches are really special. We even got the back engraved with our initials.


In case you’re wondering what my tee shirt says, it’s from Double Agent and reads “salty hair big waves”, which seems appropriate for right now. By the way Double Agent is my newest trendy, cool-girl brand find that’s so inexpensive — like cheaper then H&M and Forever21, crazy, right?


And speaking of hair, we’re leaving those crimpers in the 90s (and the decade before that). Curly hair is having a major moment right now with every brand launching or relaunching their collections. I’m an old school DevaCurl enthusiast which was my longtime staple. Now I feel the market has a ton more options and so far I’ve been using the new Kerastase Curl Ideal collection and it’s totally revived my overly processed, bleached out curls and made them so frizz free!


I’ll have a more detailed review up soon since it’s a really easy system to use. My hair in the above photos is air dried and super low maintenance. Also the 90s bright hair color trend isn’t going anywhere, especially with music festival season in full bloom. Fortunately the options are no longer limited to Kool-Aid or Manic Panic. I’m currently using Splat Colorizer Five Minute Color Toning Conditioner for my strands. I leave it on for 15minutes and only on the hair that’s been bleached (the rest is too dark to pick up anything). For anyone looking for something more vibrant or intense go with Bigen Vivid (see my review HERE). Splat is better if you’re looking for something more dusted and pastel like for color.