Bigen Vivid Shades and the Art of Hair Color

{Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Bigen via Mode Media. Opinions are my own}

bigen semi-permanent hair dye

This summer has been the most rebellious I’ve ever been when it comes to my hair color. As most of you noticed earlier in the summer, I impulsively cut my long locks and had a green ombre professionally done right before heading to Coachella. It’s amazing how different clothes and makeup looks when you drastically change your hair color. It’s been a really fun change but I wasn’t prepared for the upkeep when introducing color into my hair.

The problem with going green is the color fades fairly quickly and can turn into an unflattering green-yellow. The goal is to never let it get that bad, however I have no interest in re-bleaching or stripping my hair, or making regular salon visits to maintain the color. Frankly, in addition to the expense of the salon I have no patience to re-live the 6-hour process it originally took.

bigen hair review

Alternatively, I experimented with Bigen Vivid Shades Semi-Permanent Hair Color to revive it. Available in 6 bold and bright shades for only $4.99, the formula is oil rich and contains no peroxide or ammonia. I decided to test out the Turquoise Blue shade as I’ve been fantasizing about Meryl Streep’s blue hair since seeing Into the Woods. I had high confidence it would work and take the yellow out but I wasn’t sure if I’d achieve a turquoise blue color or have the colors blend to create more of a blue green shade. It would have been a win-win either way since I just wanted more life in what was otherwise becoming rather muted hair color and was delighted it turned into such a pretty turquoise blue. It’s so bright and perfect!

The entire process was simple and super gentle on my hair. Just apply a generous amount of Vivid Shades directly from the bottle making sure hair is well saturated. Leave on for 25 minutes and rinse. Once the water runs clear, condition it (do not shampoo) and dry. These pictures were taken within 24 hours of each other:


hair_faded hair_faded2


hair_after hair_after3

My hair color is so much more vibrant and saturated. For anyone that does not have light or bleached hair Bigen has a Powder Bleach that can be mixed with their Cream Developer. I also tried out the Bigen Protect & Repair Deep Conditioner and left it in for 15 minutes instead of using a regular conditioner after processing my hair and it came out healthy and soft. Since I also had a sample of the Bigen Polishing Serum I closed with that once my hair was dry. The serum is really thick so I just needed the tiniest amount for added shine and otherwise my hair was so soft and not crunchy or dry.

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Bigen Vivid Shades Semi-Permanent Hair Color allows you to “Break From the Herd” with 6 bold and bright shades that let you show your wild side. Conditioning, oil-rich formulas with no ammonia and no peroxide are so gentle on your hair you can color with confidence.