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Beating the Bloat: Flat Tummy Tea Review


Being bloated sucks! I know I’m slender and usually in shape, but after three weeks in LA, and doing both weekends of Coachella I was feeling the effects of major vacation bloat. I blame my beer, fast-food and salted popcorn diet.

{Behold the dreaded bloat!}

It didn’t help that while I was there the May issue of People StyleWatch came out featuring me in a bathing suit. I had shot the campaign in February when I was in my ultra-healthy, workout mode. But alas, the only real exercise I got in the two weeks away was the walk to and from the music festival. Truth be told under a loose tee shirt all looked good under the hood but by the second weekend the last thing I wanted to do at the pool parties was be in bikini. And my crop tops were buried at the bottom of my suitcase.

By the time I got home I was ready to get back on track and try Flat Tummy Tea. I had seen them all over social media and with all of the health benefits of their teas I was ready to detox!


Before anyone asks, Flat Tummy Tea is not a weight-loss supplement! It’s an all natural, herbal detox cleanse system designed to get rid of bloating and offer a daily energy boost. I mean… no one likes that bloated and sluggish feeling and this tea tackles that!

Cocktail DuJour: Kusmi Tea KUSMIPOLITAN

20140323-220145.jpgLast week, I had one of the best drinks I’ve had in a while (if ever — it’s that amazing)! Kusmi Tea launched a new tea set, Les Glaces de Kusmi (Kusmi Iced Teas), which is a compilation of 12 of their tea flavors (2 sachets of each), that are their top picks for summer.