Getting my Bikini Bod on in Style Watch Magazine!

people style watch lara eurdolian jessica simpson bathing suit shoot

I’m so excited that my bathing suit shoot (words I never thought I’d say!) for Style Watch magazine is finally out! Some of you saw the sneak peek I posted a few months ago and know I worked extra hard on getting bikini shoot ready. I’ve always been terribly self-conscious about my bust size. I’m a legit 34D/32DD which translates into an XL top if I’m lucky — and my rib cage is too small to cross over into the plus size arena unless the suit is a string tie in which case I have hope but the fit is usually still off. This bikini from Jessica Simpson fits all my requirements and gives me shape without making me look like I’m trying out for Playboy or worse, falling out of my suit. I think I can even pass for a “C” cup to the untrained eye.

I’ve been in my fair share of photoshoots but this one was a personal challenge since it’s a whole other ballgame when the clothes come off! Style Watch is one of my favorite magazines and this shoot helped me persevere with my fitness and health resolutions for the new year. I actually feel really grateful for the opportunity since it gave me the motivation I needed to take care of myself. It’s very easy when you’re constantly busy and people are asking favors from you non-stop to prioritize everyone but yourself. This forced me to put me first. Many have asked how I did it and the short answer (I’ll do a more involved post soon!) is I quit drinking for 2 months, started cycling at Cyc fitness 2-3 times a week, took HUM Cleanse to the Rescue 21 Day Cleanse supplements and started my day eating a banana (prior to this I could not get in the habit of eating breakfast).

The issue is now on stands through May 13th. Check me out on page 104!