From Heels to Hills: 4 Foot Products to Have on Your Radar

foot products
During my trip to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley I traded my heels for sneakers and non-stop hiked. And now that it’s summer, that’s all I want to do! If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that a night on the town (in six inch heels) and a 3 hour hike have one thing in common: foot pain. So I brought along some of my trusted friends to help soften the experience and from heels to hills these are 4 products to have on your radar!

BAND-AID Friction Block Stick – If there’s only one product I would pack, it’s this one (and runners take note!). Just glide the stick around the sides of your food and back (or any other sensitive areas) and the invisible barrier helps reduce the rubbing on skin and will help you avoid blisters.

Sole Serum – Apply 2-3 pumps per foot wait for it to dry and you are guaranteed a pain free day (or your money back). It feels like a lightweight serum or moisturizer to your feet. Laced with pain-relieving Lidocaine it may be formulated for the gals in heels but it delivers on a hike as well.

Still Standing – Now that we have a product to prevent blisters and another to relieve pain, all that’s left is something to help with the swelling! If you’re feet tend to expand, Still Standing spray works to keep your feet cool and comfortable with a mix of the natural anti-inflammatory benefits of organic arnica, aloe and Ilex paired with the cooling menthol of tea tree oil and Vitamin E.

Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray – This is the product to carry with you on your hike not just for your feet but whole body. It’s great for all skin-types, especially sensitive skin and does everything to calm skin after shaving, during flights, sunburns, hair removal, redness on face. It’s also incredibly refreshing and hydrating during a heated hike, it feels like you’re spraying water on your face and body. In addition to its soothing characteristics it also has great skin-healing benefits and can be sprayed on damaged skin.

All of these come in travel size and are great to pack on a trip!