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Meet me at Cosmoprof

My bags are packed and I’m ready to fly out to Vegas in the AM (PS this will be me on the flight with me Avene Thermal Water and Klorane Eye Patches attempting to look human for when I land).  I will be doing the on-air for Cosmoprof’s youtube channel and social media! If you’re a brand heading out you can meet me at the Cosmoprof Beaut-E Reviews Zone in the filming studio located on the show floor. I’ll be there Sunday, July 29th and Monday, July 30th from 1-3pm and brands can line up with their products for a quick segment. I’m also happy to hang out a little bit after to chat off camera with brands.

I’ll also be on the “How Influencers are Shaping the Beauty Industry” influencer panel moderated by my loves, Jessica and Jennifer of The Fat Mascara podcast! The panel is Tuesday, July 31st from 11am-12:30pm. I’m also the Beauty ID awards so if you’re at the awards come say hi!

Cosmoprof is arguably the largest beauty show and the leading B2B beauty trade show hosted in Las Vegas, with over 36,000 attendees at the show and 1,278 exhibitors from 45 countries around the world. While I’d love to meet you all, I’m already overwhelmed with the amount of requests in my inbox so I’m posting my schedule so you can catch me at my speaking engagements.

From Heels to Hills: 4 Foot Products to Have on Your Radar

foot products
During my trip to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley I traded my heels for sneakers and non-stop hiked. And now that it’s summer, that’s all I want to do! If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that a night on the town (in six inch heels) and a 3 hour hike have one thing in common: foot pain. So I brought along some of my trusted friends to help soften the experience and from heels to hills these are 4 products to have on your radar!